Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let the weekend begin....

I wanted to get in here last night and post this, but instead I layed down on the bed for a short while and fell asleep until this am. I was beat!

So today, I'm packing...we are traveling to a wedding. Then afterwards I am traveling 1/2 way back to a party with my guy! Overall it's going to be a weekend of that a word?? LOL

I told my youngest yesterday, the doc has released me to FULL exercise he better figure out something to do at the Y we are starting back, easing into it if you may on Monday. I want to swim, I want to run, I want to life some sort of weight and get the flab that has developed in my midsection gone!! It's amazing how quickly it can revert back....I worked so hard on it all summer and then poof, 8 weeks of no exercise can do a body NO good!! And just how do I know I'm flabby...well let me tell you...I have gained not a lb...none!! but my pants at the waist...tight!! about devastating. I used to dread the change of seasons here when I was heavy. Pulling out the winter or summer clothing (especially the summer ones) and finding that everything doesn't fit. To tight, to small, to this or that! It is just humiliating. At least before my reasoning when we were moving into winter was that I could hide under sweat pants, sweatshirts, long jeans whatever...but summer. There is no hiding that flab!! One of the things I had promised myself prior to surgery was that when I got down to a good size I would maintain, work very hard to find the perfect balance. Well I had, and then the surgery, that darn hernia put a monkey wrench in all my plans. Of course the healing I thought would be much quicker and smoother than it actually was too! so full release and I'm back in the saddle. I know that I have to ease back in, this much I've learned!

So today, to find something to wear with my black wool pencil skirt! I can't wait, I have the perfect shoes but shirts is eluding me right at the moment. I need to check out the wardrobe once again. Then tonight, a quick change into a pant suit as this is much less formal than today. I have the perfect silver sweater tank shirt to wear with it to make it a little festive but not overboard!

Tomorrow is football, snuggling on the couch with my guy! all day just us!!

What a perfect weekend! I hope you enjoy your's as well!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Back to the grind

While most people either didn't go to bed last night or just simply got up at some ungodly hour this a.m. to start black friday shopping, me I was snuggled in my bed all comfy and cozy!! Why??? Do I hate black friday shopping, nah, I think in all my parenting years I went once, it was fun, but the real reason? I work today! I work every Black Friday as it is our busy season at work! So here I am the day after, I sampled (and I mean one bite here and there) some of the most wonderful foods yesterday. I even ventured for a bite of cheesecake YUMMY. I was satisfied beyond was all so good. I enjoyed the company of great family and friends too. We watched football, the blowouts that ensued was just incredible, all called except for my Eagles, who i think stunned the Cardinals all the way back to Arizona. It was a sweet victory, but shall I say quite a few weeks too late for any good to come of it!

I bowled with my youngest yesterday a.m. in the annual Turkey Bowling Tournament.while I just did so so he did incredible...220, 194 and a 243. At 14 I'd say he's quite on his way to being a very, very good bowler!!

My other son was home, he did disappear with gf and his father for some early morning mania known as Black Friday shopping, but he'll be home by noon and snoozing away when I get home from work later today!!

I have a wedding downstate tomorrow...maybe a christmas party with the guy, but we are falling apart so I'm not even sure he wants me to go anymore? Hmm I guess I'll have to find out today...

I did manage to put up the tree and the lights are on, a few outside decorations were put out yesterday but that is it so far!!

So I need to get busy, not that traffic will be heavy but I do need to be ontime!! Enjoy

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all who read!!

I am thankful for so many things this year in my life.

Again, for my health and happiness I thank my surgeon who helped me two years by starting me on a journey that had it's ups and downs and helped me become the healthy mom I am today. Although the highs were great and the lows sometimes just too much for me handle, I have come out a stronger, more confident person. One who is not afraid to try new things and just be myself. I don't have to worry that I won't "fit" into something because I'm too big or too much weight. So Dr. I, I raise my glass to you and thank you once again for giving me another chance to do this right the healthy way!

I am thankful for my children. While they are growing and moving into their own lives they are the pride and joy. I was able to be a proud mom of a now high school graduate. Although he is fumbling his way through college I am confident he will figure it out and be a successful adult. My youngest who is coming into his teen years as a strong, very adept human being. Making difficult decisions already about his life and learning that it isn't always fair but it is about choices. I am proud to be their mom and help teach and hold their hand as they grow.

I am thankful for my family. Although we are literally spread throughout the world, we are a stronger and more united one than when I was growing up. Proof of that this past summer became evident at the wedding of my youngest sister. My parents who have been divorced for years actually talked, laughed and in general got along. It was very nice to have us all in the same room, although only for hours, they are hours I will cherish forever. Even with the happiness we did have a bit of sadness with the passing of my grandmom, thankful for the years I spent with her and my grandfather growing up. She taught me alot and I find that if I really think about it, she has shaped my life and who I am just as much as my own parents, a strong, independent woman who immigrated from Poland with her family, she was a very important part of my life, then and now!

Thankful for the change and chances I have been given. Lots of doors have opened and closed in my life this year. Not all pleasant, but needing to be done. 2008 is a year of growing and believing in myself, and for that I am thankful for all those who have done it with me!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The thankful post

It's almost that time. and I am truly thankful for alot of things in my life. I have a list, I've checked it twice but right now I don't feel like writing about any of it. Again, I'm having a bad day!! At least today is the last day for the week! More later.....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quick recap and lots to do

so we decided to even add more to our weekend plans!! Like there isn't enough to already do on any given weekend without adding to our plates. LOL

Truck is still not working, yes another week by and the dealer had it again yesterday for the whole day, $600 worth of work and I pick it up and it won't start. Then the mechanic pulls it back in the shop and comes out a few min's later and says the PCM module is bad! I was fuming that is what the other mechanic said and when I asked them to fix it they poo poo'd me...I told them I am not paying another dime and I want my car fixed. They gave me a car for the weekend but I'm still stewing over this one!

The boy needs to pack up to go to his friends, he is being lazy

I need to pack my cold weather gear, yes football tomorrow! 38 and sunny in beautiful downtown Baltimore!! bbrrrr go

Last night we went to see Twilight, not bad, book definitely better....good teen flick! Had a headache from all the girls just chatting away during the whole movie...grrr

Today, I have wash and cleaning, not motivated as it beyond freezing!!

And, lastly, I missed my surgiversary. Sick, home with a terrible migraine. Moved me off Ativan and onto Topomax...I hope this helps...

Good news, two years out...weight is maintaining between 135 and 140....I am happy...healthy...ok so I get a few migraines and had a hernia operation recently. Blood levels are great, calcium, protein, A,D,E and K....everything is looking good! I need to schedule my two year appt....I got the bloodwork done and forgot to schedule the appt! Too busy

Work is crazy is good, busy....and I am thankful for my children, health and life I have now!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday was my day and I totally missed it!!

I was two years out yesterday, I have a big old post to publish and I had a two day migraine...grr

I woke up today in the arms of someone special and with snow falling outside of the window...what a beautiful way to start my morning....

I have a totally busy weekend, more later tonight...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life and almost 2 years out.......

Yes, I'm still dwelling on how I really want to write about this subject. I have very mixed emotions, raw and undealt with ones. I have so much I want to write but it's not coming together smoothly so....for now I'm dwelling on it. Pondering how I want to put it out there and explain what is going on.

I have been dating again. Just dating. Nothing spectacular but it's fun to go out on a date, dress up. But again, I can see this getting very old very fast with me. I like the solitary one guy, one girl scenario but evidently not many guys I've met lately are into that I guess truly :( I like though that someone will take me out and we do something

Boys are good, well the one i see on a regular basis is!! lol School is coming along fabulously. He and I are getting ready for our first thanksgiving alone...yes that was a shocker but we are going to do something fun that day we decided. Actually, I am looking forward to it alot. Unfortunately, work thinks we need to go in on friday now so I'm quite bummed about that.

As for the guy I have/had been seeing, well i don't know where that stands, so I guess it's over. We still talk but that is about all there is to it now. I almost wonder if he feels obliged to take me to the Ravens/Eagles game next weekend or if he just wants some arm-candy for his Christmas party at the end of the month..Oh well I really don't care right now about any of that.

So I am off to read some stuff, relax a bit and enjoy the rest of my weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How frustrating can it be?

I went to pickup the truck last night. A sensor was bad, a coil cracked. Mechanic assures me it's fine. I pay, start up, reverse and it dies. The same miserable way being the reason I took it in :( sigh

Why can't they get it right. Out comes the mechanic, he pops this device in the car, no messages. WTF does this mean. It means they simply have no clue why it doesn't want to stay running. So I leave, without the truck.......

Today, we are in rain. Much needed rain but nonetheless rain. I hate the gloom and gray it brings especially since I'm still adjusting to the time change and everything else...overall I'm hoping for a better day than I feel at this particular moment!

Weight is up a little, I did eat alot of bad yesterday...too much without even thinking of what was going in my body...not a good eating day. Exercise, I'm still chicken. I know doc said ok, go easy, but I have yet to explore this part of my life again, yet!

The man and I, well we are circling each other in the ring. Not sure, but we'll see what happens. It is the one month do I really want to invest time with her thing going

Life is great, I'm great...enjoying things!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Car problems

Ok two weeks ago I have a pretty good overhaul to the truck...back in great shape, running great...and now bam. Won't start, sitting at work! GAH!!!

So hitched a ride home with co-worker, thank god they were working late!

Tomorrow truck, back in the shop...good lord when does it end.

Work is least the last two days don't feel so draining as I was this time last week. Bad news is that we are working day after thanksgiving and fullday on Christmas I had plans and was hoping to not have to do all that! So that puts a bit of a damper on my plans but at least I have time to adjust them.

I am quickly approaching my two year surgiversary...I'm starting to think of how my life has changed over these past two years. I know quite a few people way past me, alot under me surgerywise. It is such an exciting, scary journey. More to follow on this subject. The good news, one year since I've stopped losing. I'm still maintaining the 5 lb even with the 17lb gain from the hernia surgery, all that is lost and I'm recovering nicely. So with that I'm going to bed....I have alot of work to do tomorrow and i'm tired!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I expect too much

That is my problem, plain and simple. I have a very good friend who put me right in my place...she is a wonderful person in all ways and I love her to death for righting me once again!

so Monday is over, I'm a month out from this darn hernia surgery and let me tell you, just when I thought I was well...nope Relapse. Today is the first day I'm allowed to exercise again, did I? Nope, will I probably not at this point in the evening. I will have to get myself back on track though. I'm glad the restrictions are starting to lift and I can have mylife back again!

Monday's stink at work. Well everyday now seems to stink at work. The new mgmt is really showing their stripes and well I'm not always in agreement, but I like the job, the people so I suck it up for now and trudge through. I don't want to even remotely think about changing anything with the whole economy and the way the world is but some days.....grr At least the price of gas is under $2/gal today! I never thought I would see that day again!

So I'm off I have some things to productive so to speak....

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not what I expected it to be.......

this weekend has totally made a turn on me, it is not turning out at all what I expected. Am I mad, no, disappointed, YES! I really don't want to get into the dirt of it all right now, but quite a few things I had hoped and were said were going to happen totally fizzled. The thing I have going for me today, Football. LAME!! I need a life to get out and meet people...where am I going to find them? Well I'm going to have to start digging deeper I guess.

Off to finish the laundry. and probably watch some football

Friday, November 07, 2008

It's friday

Yeah, it has been a very, very long week for me. Work has had me in a loop plus a two day migraine...yikes. I finally feel a wee bit better today! And low and behold it's the weekend. Tonight my guy is coming up after work. I will have approx. 1 hour to straighten up my house because, NO I haven't done anything all week! Laaaazzzzeeeee!!! lol

I am in a mood to dress today too, not sure where that is coming from but ok I'll go with it! I have my new Steve Madden's to wear so I'm suspecting that might be it! :)

We had rain all week, today we get a little sun, tomorrow, ok right you guessed it, RAIN! I have had it with the rain!

Boys are good, youngest is choosing his high school, he's a little torn but will make the right decision I'm sure. He's getting ready to start his guitar lessons too.

Oh ex news, he'll be up around 12/15 to collect his crap out of my garage for the move back down....yes it's finally going to be permanent...Christmas had come early to me this year with this news!!

I believe I am finally able to try exercise again since it's been the required 4 weeks post op...will try again next week and see how that pans out...I want to but my body wasn't ready a few weeks back :(

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The day after

Yes Obama is going to be our next president. Get over it already.. the vice president elect is a personal family weird is that!! I think it's very weird...anyhow....I'm into dots tonight and well I am loving my life. I am approaching my 2 years out mark. 2 years since I had my WLS that is quite a big thing to wrap my head around. Thanksgiving will come, with all the thanks, glory and praise, but truly to me Thanksgiving represents change, a new beginning or lease or live for me. I am so happy each and every day since I've had my surgery. It has allowed me to be "normal" per se. My head sometimes isn't always caught up like my body but for the most part it is. Lots of therapy, divorce, weight loss get the point and yes I'm a mess...A hot mess is what I like to think. I will have to post a new pic soon, with the man. The amazing man who has lost over 200 lbs. He's investigating PS at this point. I have put that on hold, probably forever. I dont' mind my body, a little flabby in the mid section, boobs are way down south, but hell....who at 44, has a smoking body like me? NO ONE!!! LOL I love it..anyhow we had his company party last Sat night. His boss is smitten with me, or so he says. I love that at 44 anyone is smitten with me! My guy is totally smitten with me, as I am with him. It's all good in my book.

So life goes on, we have new president. Some will like some won't. It's called life. Really was there a good choice here if you consider all parties involved and what experience they have! Anyhow, I'm not putting a damper on this on to something it is. Very self involved, with the two year surgiversary (god it's been forever since I've used that term) anywho....I'm a size 7 juniors yes 7 was a size 22 misses. Also, S in tops for the most part, boobs have suffered but what else isn't new with me. I love my life, I have vitality, stamina and most important the energy to maintain myself. I just could never do before what I do now, even on a bad yes this is a WLS post. Almost 2 years out....good god, how grateful am I??? you figure it out! LOL

Monday, November 03, 2008

OMG It's Monday already....

Had a great weekend, absolutely great. Did tons of retail therapy Friday night and Sat. Got a new pant suit, shirt, lots of fun things at Victoria Secret and shoes....
OMG Steve maddens and I can't find a pic, but they are the bomb.

Wore my outfit Sat night w/shoes, was hot!! Yes, I thought I actually was hot for a change. Now that is definitely a switch from before. Had a great dinner at the party, chicken to die for and home cooking to boot, got to love them southern folk and there downhome cookin! LOL Ate a little bit of everything and had my first taste of pumpkin pie this year! YUM! Sunday we slept in. I slept till 9am. Oh god it felt so good! Came home got lots done with the boy and watched alot of football Sunday. Eagles pulled it off, Dallas lost, Giants won big and well....I'm just waiting to see where we end up my Eagles. My Bears are in 1st place in their division and I'm just one happy girl.

W and I are great, we had just an absolutely fantastic time together this weekend, I really like him, so down to earth....just what I've been looking for. He hit a big milestone in weightloss this weekend, down in the 200's for him that is great. I am so proud of him what he has accomplished and still yet to do. He's almost at his one year surgiversary!

Me, I'm maintaining. I bought junior clothes this weekend, 7's...good god! That's all I'm going to say about that!

DS2 got one of his christmas gifts early too, an electric guitar, amp and well he's just learning and like a sponge. Actually in two days he's getting the swing of things...

Life is busy, I'm happy and well I hardly remember to update! I want to share it all..right now thankfully it's all good. Hard to believe that only a little over a year ago I became a single girl! I'm definitely happy for my change and am loving life! The ex..well I have to say, unemployed, wandering through life and me I'm stable, and got my life on track. Living it fully to the extent and enjoying every minute of it, as it should be!