Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've been absent

with good and not so good cause. There are still issues out there I am dealing wth, on top of it all I took a few days vacation and ended up with strep :(

I am a week out from the visit to the doc and still feel like crap, so the meds are gone and I am still sick. Another call today for more meds.

I am getting my head clear so I have much to share, just not sure I am ready to put it out there yet....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Middle of the week and there are alot of doubts

about where I will be in my life and career soon. A big bombshell was given at work yesterday, even though my boss called and gave me a days notice, it didn't take the sting and humiliation out of the email that was sent out yesterday.

I am coping, dealing with this sh*t that was handed to me, without explanation or even a chance to advance.

Tomorrow, boss is back, the list is written and the meeting will commence...until then...I've been silent and will remain so again.