Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Middle of the week and there are alot of doubts

about where I will be in my life and career soon. A big bombshell was given at work yesterday, even though my boss called and gave me a days notice, it didn't take the sting and humiliation out of the email that was sent out yesterday.

I am coping, dealing with this sh*t that was handed to me, without explanation or even a chance to advance.

Tomorrow, boss is back, the list is written and the meeting will commence...until then...I've been silent and will remain so again.


Susy said...


waiting to read what's going on??? take care of you Michelle!

Tiff said...

I just wanted to check in.... to see if you're ok.

Your last post had me concerned.... and you're starting to act like me ... "disappearing"

ha ha ha...

Perhaps we should disappear together..... that beach sounds awesome.

Bloggers weekend at the beach....