Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On the cusp

Of onederland. I can't believe it. I weigh in usually on Monday mornings and the scale said 200....OMG I haven't been 200 since, well I have no idea since when. I know when I had my first son, pre-pregnancy I weighed in at a hefty 190, so 10 lbs to go to that. Of course he will be 16 1/2 by the time I get back to the weight...omg what a long time to struggle with that one!! Exercise has been going great, 4 days last week, all on treadmill, 2 adding the stair stepper. Trying to make those legs either fall off or look fabulous by summer. I've moved right through size 16, it was like a flash, maybe 2-3 weeks at the most. Of course that is good because i had so few clothing kept in that size. After the size I am in, I'm screwed though, literally, because I have nothing smaller than what I am currently wearing. Oh well that is a good dilemna right!?!?!

Hopefully by the end of this week I will see that fabulous one number and leave the two's behind forever and ever!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday musings.

Not much new to report but I feel like I disregard this blog that was supposed to follow my journey through this weight loss.

I am officially 2 months post-op. I weighed in 41.5 lb less on that day and many, many overall inches down. I'm down 4 pants size and two shirt sizes since the start. It's a good move and I'm almost in the onederland of weight. I can't wait until I get there, it's a mere 3.5 lb away for me. I've been kicking up my treadmill to 4.0 which I believe is a 15 minute mile walking, I've kept the random setting with many hard hills. Today I plan on incorporating the stair stepper intomy exercise regimin also. One thing I did notice is that my weight loss slowed a bit from December 20 - January 20. I contributed that to the little nibbles here and there throughout the day that add the extra calories, so effective immediatley I cut all out. I do not pack them, therefore I have nothing to eat here at work. Easy enough. I am hoping my next months worth of weight surpasses this past month of 15 lb.

So I have decided to start a pro's and con's list to add to this...It's keep me sane....lol

Weight is down to where I was pre-preganancy with ds2
I'm wearing size 14 pants....I don't know when the last time I could say that
Shirts are again L. Another great feat in my opinion
I have walked away from Lane Bryant forever for clothes shopping
I can somewhat shop in regular stores
I haven't had problems eating anything (of course this can be a con too)
My face looks younger
I get tons of compliments from people at work all the time

I have limited clothing in the size I am currently wearing
My tummy hasn't caught up to my legs in weight loss
I get bored sometimes with my eating plan (my own fault though)
I'm freezing all the time
I'm worried about my hair falling out
I didn't want to have plastic surgery, but the tummy looks like I am going to have a remaining pouch (YUCK!!)
I didn't lose as much weight this last month as I thought I should
too much snacking was the culprit

So there's my list.....not too shabby, everything on the con's is workable and I'm feeling a little better about it!

Oh here's an updated head shot from yesterday also. I actually don't mind this picture finally!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and here is one from before surgery...not sure if you can see the difference or not!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday musings

Well another week has ended and we are that much closer to Christmas again!! HA HA

Tomorrow is my 2 month surgiversary if you can say that. I'm definitely in a position to notice the changes. I am, probably for the first time, excited about my weigh in. I don't believe I have ever in my entire life been excited about stepping on a scale. How about that for a complete change of pace! I had one of my girlfriends over last night and was able to unload a bunch of great clothes to her, the rest at this point are bagged and ready to go to goodwill. I've been through most of the winter stuff and now I will have the summer stuff once the seasons get closer to changing. Today I am wearing a Large sweater and turtleneck, 8 weeks ago, I was wearing 1x or 2x shirts. I have on 16 pants which are swimming on me, so I will retire them tonight as well, and I guess I can say I'm solidly in a 14 at this point. So far so good with eating, I have tried alot of different foods, I loved it all but the portion size was definitely the difference between now and then. Before I could eat 2-3 slices of pizza, last night I had one, sans crust and didn't even finish it all. I was satisfied and everything was good!

Enough about RNY and the positives for me. Football is winding down for the season, or I could say over as far as our home team the EAGLES go....two more weekends and it's finished. I will indeed need to find something else to look forward to at this point in the year. My ds1 loves basketball so that's good for him, but leaves me out in the cold a bit. I have agreed to take him and his brother next Friday to a game. Should be fun though, even though I'm not a huge fan.

Summer is coming (well not exactly) but yeah it's coming sometime in the distant future. I hope to be at a very decent weight, as end of May will be around 6 months out. I really don't know what to expect from my body at that point, but the honeymoon is officially over or so they say at that point. The first six months is when you loose roughly 1/2 of your total weight loss. Of course this varies person to person, but I hope to be beyond that at that point, it will be interesting to see what comes up in the future.

I'm rambling on and on, because truthfully work is boring this last hour and I'm trying to type the time away. So I bid all those adieu and have a great weekend!


Monday, January 15, 2007


And we are at work! Go figure. I think I'm one of the few people in the world who had to get up and work today. To make matters worse I've been fighting some sort of stomach bug. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it couldn't be the RNY (because truthfully it could and ihope it's not) but I've had this nagging at me since Sat night, no sign of it yesterday and then bam again this morning. It's gone as of right now, I'm eating more soft foods, basically bringing it back to the basics. As of this a.m. my weight is down to 208. That's 38.5 lb gone forever, I am also at my 8 week point. I think it's great it's gone so well. I have to get some pictures up soon, as I have been slacking in that dept.

Saw Night at the Museum this weekend, what a great movie, lots of laughs and appropriate for kids of all ages! It was a nice reprieve from a rainy, wet Sunday.


Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Friday again

The weeks seem to go by so fast. I have been having tremendous problems eating lunch this week. Everytime I start I'm hungry (or at least think so) I take two bites and I'm done. I feel if I put one more bite in my mouth it's going to come out, hurling in the air. So, I've been leaving the lunchroom and going out and walking the treadmill, coming back and finishing up at my desk. I don't know if it's right, wrong or indifferent but it's what's been going on. I also noticed that I've been low on protein on those days! Sheesh it's the one thing I really try to stay on top of.

Monday, I'm 8 weeks out, almost two whole months. I can't believe how quickly the time goes by afterward while I was waiting and waiting beforehand and it seemed to drag on by. I've not gotten used to my new tummy yet, although I don't have dumping episodes I have I'm too full, or I'm ravenous ones. It's quite an experiment with your mind and body that will probably continue for along time now. I need to figure out dinner, I'm in one of the those who cares moods. Right, I care, I don't want to be running out and get stuck in traffic or a long line. I really want to go to Soffritos' (My fav italian place) but I know three bites and I'll be over the whole thing! I would love to have some bruschetta and shrimp. Maybe Sunday!

Work has slowed down considerably, so I guess my boredom is spent here blogging instead of trying to find something to shove in my face, which would have been the case before. I really need to work on the mindless grazing that I've been experiencing at night too, I can sit and have a snack and drink. It's a bad, bad habit that I'm getting myself into, hopefully this weekend it will end as I will work to end it. I also want to get through my clothes and get rid of the big stuff that will never fit again this weekend, I have alot and I keep rifling through it but I need to declutter. I should find someone whom I can give it too, would make it more worthwhile then just throwing it all away!

I'm into 16's and some 14's now. 20's, 18's are a thing of the past! I can't believe I'm actually publishing that information. Six months ago I never would have written it! Embarrasing but now it's part of my life, my obese life and in order to heal I need to acknowledge it.

that's it for now, enjoy the weekend

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I almost didn't come over here today

I have a friend who needs a full time permanent job. I'm going to blog about this because it's been bothering me! Sorry. Well she's a good friend, well at least I hope she is. When she's single (well with the little one only) she's great, when she's attached, she ignores everyone. It's like a rite of her's which I totally do not understand at all, anyhow, she's working now for her bil, I really think her sister is the mastermind behind this whole adventure because there is nothing there for her to do most days. Ok so yesterday, absentmindedly I tell her I'm getting an assistant and immediately she's thinking oh pick me! Um no, I wasn't thinking that I wanted her to rejoice in the fact that I will have help and be able to do my job easier in the future. Of course the reasons I wouldn't want her here are simple. 1) she's out alot with the sick little guy 2) she's unreliable and I don't think she's right for "this" job (mud in my fact if it blows up)

Ok, so she's depressed (living with a manic depressant who's not divorced yet either) I just had to throw that in there. I'm evil I know! and she's all down on me because of course they won't want her. HELLO I don't want you here. I value my friendship with her more than a job with her. I just don't understand why people don't get that! I mean friendships made at work are one thing but you don't bring friends or relatives to work with you, it ultimately causes a problem. Anyhow, now she's not "speaking" with me again. HO HUM!! I think it's time to move on huh.....

So the question of the day is: Why do people always think others' owe them something? For whatever reason is out there I would love to know this.

On a brighter note, today I went to the doctor regarding the dizziness I have been having. Ok, we go through the whole, weight (nice loss), bp (90/60 no meds), temp (fine). He's states we are going to drop one of the bp meds and I will buy my own machine and monitor my progress at home. If I go up, I take 1/2 the other pill, if I stay the same, hurray for me. It's a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned. One pill down, one more to go!! It's been a big lifesaver and I'm only 7 weeks out!

Well that's it for today, another rambling, bumbling mess, but it's my blog.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

7 weeks out

I have new pics to post but haven't had the time to do anything about them yet. I know, lazy me. The oldest boy is fretting over weightlifting as his coach was let go shortly before christmas and no replacement has been hired yet. He'll just have to hang tough and hopefully something will break soon!

I'm officially 7 weeks out and 40 lb thinner, although I'm not loosing it in my midsection as quickly as I would like to, have to do more exercises to help out in that area I guess. The humdrum of winter has set in. How can I love the mountains and crisp air and hate the cold winter weather!! Ah maybe if I didn't work, it wouldn't matter! LOL

Speaking of work, I need to get myself organized, I have my big move coming soon and need to be 100% prepared. Of course that means training someone, but that is ok, it's a promotion now matter how you dice it up!!

Ok, enough of that for today. I really don't have tons to blog about so it's very random at best!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Moving down again.............

After a two week stall ( I blame AF) I'm moving down the scale again, today I showed a three lb weight loss, I am almost at 40lb and only 5 1/2 weeks out. I say it definitely is a boost in ones self esteem, confidence and everything else when the scale moves in the down position! I have to take some pics as my clothes I used to wear are literally hanging off of me. I will say this has been one of the most positive things I've done so far.
This section is gross, just a warning because it's my blog and I want to document things correctly for anyone who reads or is considering WLS.
Now for the down side, I noticed in the past few weeks my bowels are not moving properly and when they do, owie!! I need to find a stool softner that works without having me running for the bathroom! I have to call the doctor and see what they recommend as I am still on no pills (only crushed meds) so we'll see what he has to say! Hopefully I will get in touch with them prior to lunch so I can run out and find something! It's one of the pitfalls that's for sure...when you gotta go and it won't come out!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another year

Is gone forever. I know that they are fleeting more and more quickly every year. This New Years' Eve was a bust. We are broke, unfortunately due to the dog being very sick, $500 so far and no exact diagnosis, but she is thinking bone cancer of the hips, not good for him or me. He such a dear and will be missed surely when the time comes. So we were home, heard the fireworks at the riverfront, but it had started to rain so no use going out to see them, mostly smoke I would assume. It was a bit of dismal weekend at best. No use gloating over what was though huh.

The best news is that it is a new year, 2006 was filled with such changes in our lives. The biggest being my surgery in Nov. It's hard to grasp sometimes that I've had it, it just seems surreal right now to me. Also, I've been very tired lately, not sure what that is all about, but a doc visit is in tune for me shortly also.

No resolutions have been made this year, I felt that none made, none broken. Maybe it's a cop out but it was just the way I was feeling. Also the good news, Eagles are again Division champs, hopefully they can beat the Giants this weekend, once again and forward to the next round. I would love to see them go the distance, but there are quite a few good teams out there right now!