Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another year

Is gone forever. I know that they are fleeting more and more quickly every year. This New Years' Eve was a bust. We are broke, unfortunately due to the dog being very sick, $500 so far and no exact diagnosis, but she is thinking bone cancer of the hips, not good for him or me. He such a dear and will be missed surely when the time comes. So we were home, heard the fireworks at the riverfront, but it had started to rain so no use going out to see them, mostly smoke I would assume. It was a bit of dismal weekend at best. No use gloating over what was though huh.

The best news is that it is a new year, 2006 was filled with such changes in our lives. The biggest being my surgery in Nov. It's hard to grasp sometimes that I've had it, it just seems surreal right now to me. Also, I've been very tired lately, not sure what that is all about, but a doc visit is in tune for me shortly also.

No resolutions have been made this year, I felt that none made, none broken. Maybe it's a cop out but it was just the way I was feeling. Also the good news, Eagles are again Division champs, hopefully they can beat the Giants this weekend, once again and forward to the next round. I would love to see them go the distance, but there are quite a few good teams out there right now!


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