Friday, November 06, 2009

Life, Part 2

Yes, I am here, my life has taken on a whole new entity upon itself. I am not that girl, who started this blog. I know, I know you say whatever. I have thought long and hard about this and well, it's time. I will keep the blog active, for now. Eventually it is going to archive itself into, well oblivion since I am sure that there is such much more useful information out there than what I am providing now or in the past year.

Did I ever think it would come to this? To be brutally honest, NO. I never thought I would succeed with the whole WLS, the fat girl in me was thinking that at the time. Not only have I succeeded but I am two short weeks from three years out from surgery and two years out from goal. I am still maintaining and happy with that. I have found that my life now does not mirror my life prior and that is the long term goal, to make changes and healthy ones at that! I am happy, although so much has changed in my life. Who would have thought that the overweight girl who started this blog would be a whole different person in just three short years. Although to me it seems life a lifetime, it is only three years! I have my health, my kids and my happiness. I am a better person now than I ever was in the past, and for that I thank the process which I went through to get to this place.

So unfortunately with this I bid adieu......I am around, in various places and forums, but just not here no longer. This life, the one that started this blog is no longer here.. she is a ghost of the past and one that has learned alot and hopefully helped alot of people along the way, but she is gone.

I am thankful for all those that went before me and all those that will follow in my footsteps. It is not always an easy road, but a fulfilling one, that is full of fun and challenges but in the long run makes you a better person (healthy) and that is the goal we are all here to obtain.

I will keep this open for a short while, then it will be lights out....for those who want to remain in contact, let me know...for the rest of you...well I will see you on FB!! lol

Thank you and goodnight!