Thursday, October 30, 2008

big day in Philly

The Phillies pulled it off last night. Freezing weather, a million pitcher changes and they came out the champs!! Yeah Phillies!

Me, I'm sick. I haven't felt right since Sunday. I have a nagging pain when I twist or turn a certain way. I'm sure it's hernia repair related but just in case a call into the doc today is warranted and some R&R for me. I have quite a few bills to pay, my truck being the biggest one. It's currently in the shop, since Tuesday, getting worked on. They called yesterday and told me all the other things wrong with it. OY I need it to run and run well so a few bucks here and in the long term hopefully it will last a few more years. Regular maintenance baby!

So back to me, yes this is a whiney, me post. I am having a really hard time eating anything solid. Mushies, soups, liquids all go in fine, but the bulk foods, YUCK!! I hope this is just a side effect because I miss food. But everytime I eat something with some substance I end up feeling like I'm going to barf and am tired. Almost like no matter what bulk foods I eat I'm dumping! This can't be good. Today, breakfast, protein shake. Geez for being almost 2 years out I feel like I'm about 2 weeks out! I probably need to just take it easy, listen to my body and well, suck it up and be still and lay around. Harder said than done for me!

The boy is getting ready for Halloween tomorrow, he's very excited and also because his class is going to Williamsburg in Feb. I went on this same school trip when I was in middle school, nostalgia at it's best. He couldn't believe it, "all those years ago, you went to Williamsburg?" he asked. I just felt like smacking

So today, laying around, no exercise, soft foods, hopefully something that will satisfy me. No chocolates and a call to the doc. How fun is that!! NOT!!! The good news, I'm down way down, maybe too much at this point. I'm almost where I was at my lowest weight. I was checking in on the OH Nov 06 board, all my friends are there and well I see quite a few weight gains, and I'm not talking about 5 or 10 lb...How could we let ourselves do this and then let it go?? I don't know. I know alot of therapy and a good NUT helped me through to a better me!

This weekend, we have alot to do, trick or treating tomorrow, work party Sat night, Eagles sun....what more can I say...BUSY!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why do weekends go so fast..........

god I feel like I was just leaving work on Friday and it's Sunday evening already. Had a great weekend. Really fun, busy and I'm exhausted.

Friday night we took the boy to see Maxx Payne. I really liked it more than I thought I would. The man left work early so we could get there on time. Afterward he and I fell asleep on the couch watching the world series. Then off to pickup ds1 at work at 2a.m. ...oy!! Back up at 7a.m. for the trip to take ds2 to bowling, off to Wally World for a few items, then home to clean up the house. Back to get ds2, take ds1 to work, then off costume shopping. About 3 hours later we came home, happy to have found the joker! 4pm started makeup for the party that night. He turned out really great.....see...........


Then last night during the torrential downpour we dropped him off and went clothes shopping for the man. He's lost 225 lb so far. WOW!! Got a sport coat and shirt and tie for his party next weekend. I still don't know what I am going to wear, but I have all week to figure it out.

Eagles won today! Phillies won last night!! Can win again tonight...go Phils!

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Friday and where the heck did the week go!

It's been busy, home, work and everything in between. I hardly have had time to breathe. I owe some blogger awards, and I know just who I am going to give them to, but no time to do so.

Just a quick recap - Phillies 1-1 figures
Tonight - movies
tomorrow - costume party (boy) still need to buy it and out on a date
sunday - ravens game, somewhere wash, cleaning

I have been eating horribly, just lack of eating not really bad foods. I'm down my whole weight gain from the hospital as well as the bloat, that was the worst. Warily, I tried on my clothes from last year, that was always a challenge in the past, but low and behold they still fit, just right ;). Again my mind did not catch up with that little morsel that if you do not put on weight in the past year, of course your clothes are still going to fit, just fine!! duh

I am trying to concentrate on protein intake, at least if I am not eating enough I will still be getting what I need. I'm back at yoga, a week early, I had to, I just couldn't wait any longer. Bad move, well I guess time will tell, but I am doing it gently and carefully so not to hurt myself in the core! I need to reconfigure the core as it was coming along beautifully until the cuts made it all just flab again :(

I have a busy weekend, next week and all of November ahead of me. I need to set a pace so that I don't burn out mid month! I've never been so busy socially in my life and i'm loving it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thank you Amber

For voting me a best blog....geez never thought that would happen...I'm just here boring everyone to tears with my life!!

I will nominate my seven tomorrow when I have more time! But I wanted to thank Amber for being there and being real! We are doing this together girl!!

Tonight is dday - ds2 is going to meet the guy. Yes it's soon, yes he lives downstate, yes I said I was never dating again, yes it's really happening and yes I really, truly think this time I have found a winner. Did I mention he had the gastric sleeve? Hmmmm, more in common and I didn't even know until our 2nd date! lol So here we are, me dating again. Good god, if I had my own nickle for everytime I said I was done, I'd be a damn rich millionaire and be well somewhere tropical with all my friends and loved ones right now celebrating!! Martinis' anyone??

So ds2 has a bowling rolloff tonight, already, yes he's that good. So we were going on a date but a few things got rearranged and he's coming up, we are going to cheer on ds to victory (I hope) and then go out afterwards up here instead. It's a long distance relationship, well 70 miles of long distance at least. So far it's working and we are both working on it, lots of texting!! LOL

More later and hopefully tonight a pic for me!!

So with that I leave it here for today, until tomorrow......

Thursday, October 16, 2008

second dates and Phillies

The Phillies won! I can't believe it and we all thought they would play Boston, but not so sure aobut that....hopefully Boston can pull it off.

Second date last night, very nice, we went to dinner and just talked all night. That was very important! We discussed alot because of the distance that of course will always be an issue. But overall it was a nice date. We got to know more about one another.

Work is crazy busy, I'm so tired and am glad it's Thursday. Sat is date #3

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm beat, last night was our annual trade show for work and we all stayed up too late, had too much to drink and back at work bright and early today!! I'm ready for bed.

On a good note, Phillies won again...I'm truly wowed by

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beautiful weekend

It is/was and is still happening. I went on a date last night. Didn't want to say anything to jinx it and I really know I said I wasn't going to but it came up and well he asked me yesterday. I drove down to meet him 1/2 way. We had crabs (probably last of the season) and then off to a drive in. I couldn't believe they have drive in's still downstate, it was so cool. I haven't been to one in years. It was fun and I felt almost like a teenager again. Of course all that sitting wrecked havoc on my side that is I laid down for a short while at his house while the Red Sox were handed their asses in the game last night and well I promptly feel asleep, he talked me into spending the night in his guest bedroom and I came back this a.m.

So the dog probably thinks I had abandoned him, as was my plan to come home last night, but with the boy spending the night at his friends and the other on at his father's, I guess it was easy to forget the poor dog and I just stayed down there. LOL

Today, I'm sore, I'm not going to lie and I'm going to just watch football and relax. Nothing else at all! I would love to exercise, I miss it, really. I can't do anything but walk for at least 3 more weeks :( Boo hoo You never realize how much your life and priorities change with this whole procedure and now that exercise is part of my life, when I can't do it, I miss it.

Eating is less I have noticed too, I can't seem to stomach hardly anything at all in a sitting. Last night for dinner I had a cup of soup and was overstuffed. WTF is that, I haven't felt like that since I originally had the surgery early out. It's actually really strange to be back at this point but it is where I am at. I like to eat and enjoy my food and choices but wow!! So I will be taking it easy this week, he has asked me to go on a bike ride next Sunday and I really would like to go, pain willing! lol We'll see and he totally understands. I think the lady last night at dinner looked at us like we were crazy with our dinner order, me cup of soup and him 1/2 doz crabs and there were two left when we were done. So that leads me to the last revelation, he's had the gastric sleeve...he's lost a ton of weight and well I didn't know when I first met him, but it really has seemed to bond us on a different level, but not to interfere with anything else.

On that I am leaving I need my couch and to lay and watch some football, hopefully there will be some good winners today!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Made it through the week

Albeit how short it was it was perfect for me to get back into my groove. By the time I left yesterday I was caught up. Organization is the key! thank god I'm organized when I want to be. I also got my 401K moved from my old companies account into the new one, so one less item to worry about, however it's losing money left and right and I cringe everytime I log in to see my

I'm officially down the 17lb of fluid the hospital put in me, thank god, I hate that bloated feeling you get when you leave there. The one incision is really bothering me, it's the one I believe he did all the work out of. It's purple, black and blue and well really, really nasty looking surrounding the incision. The actual incision is healing just fine though. Also, I noticed as of this past year I seem to bruise rather easily, but the actual bruises usually take up to a week to show up on me! Is that weird or what. As of Thursday night I have the bruises from where my IV was and where they drew blood on Sat morning. No wonder all summer when I got a bruise I couldn't remember where it came from, it probably happened a week before.

Today, I get my hair done, color and a cut. Both are much needed. Then the one boy and I are hanging out. Tomorrow I have plans, and that's all I'm writing about it right now.

It's going to be a beautiful weekend weather wise, hopefully where you live also! I'm going to enjoy it to the maxx!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A challenge

I am always up for one but the desk I went in and saw yesterday made me want to

I started digging out hopefully today I'll be caught up, I hate unresolved issues lying around on my desk. I was very tired last night too, I think I was asleep by to another day!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Back to work

So the mini vacation is quickly drawing to a close. Doc's at 12:30 and then work for the afternoon. In a way it's good, gives me a 1/2 day today and a full day tomorrow to fly under the radar at work and get caught up at my pace.

The healing is going remarkably well and of course the retail therapy I indulged in yesterday didn't hurt either. Got some really nice sweaters and a few shirts for work...sooo

I was hoping for shoes but couldn't find just the right pair! That search will continue...

So I have to get the kids ready and out the door and then relax for my last few hours.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A new day

So again I have met a man who mysteriously disappeared. I don't understand nor do I want to. I didn't want to date anyhow after the last one but once again disappointed in men!

Yesterday was a great day, went shopping with my mom in the morning and went out to walk in the afternoon. It was nice to have the sun shining on my face and the cooler weather around me.

Today, I'm planning a trip to a local state park I've never been too, I'm going to pack some food and water and go, take the camera and hopefully just enjoy the day. I hate not being able to go to the Y, but I can't do alot of exercises right now, so I will just walk...and enjoy.

I go for my followup on Thursday with the doc and then Friday back to work. I'm ready....although I am enjoying my time off there really isn't alot I can do and everyone is working or in school. So for now, I'm just enjoying my own company! lol

Alright time to hit the shower....

enjoy your day and the Red Sox won!! Yeah Sharon and TEX

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday musing

Ok I'm back, took off the weekend. Truly it was a blur and the well the stay at the hospital, less than stellar unlike last time :( I went in Friday morning bright and early everything was great, surgery completed, woke up (actually was awake and joking with nurses in recovery, a first for me) and then the ball started rolling down the hill. I ended up in recovery for 3 hours, no bed ready. Well I finally get in the bed at 1pm on Friday afternoon, it was still a jumble to get me in there, I was still in good spirits from my visit downstairs, but it quickly starting taking a slide downhill. I was settled in and then virtually left alone. I was the only one in my room, at the end of the hall the furthest away from everyone. Hooked up to every contraption imaginable and here I was drinking water and had to go to the many times do you have to call a nurse to get them to unhook you to go. Well at this point I'm ready to burst between IV fluids and such so I unhooked the compression boots and then they come walking in, you can't do that, oh yes I can because I'm not going to be sitting in my bladder explosion that was about to happen! So I'm free up and walking around, they never did come back and rehook up the compression boots, but oh well I was up and moving around so....then I find out I have to stay, I originally thought I wasn't BOO!!! Well then I found out I'm on gastric phase 1 diet, well I can handle that but I didn't know, while walking around the halls I also noticed that hardly anyone was on my floor, so WTF did it take forever to get me up there. Short staff and unorganization, that's what! Well I hear the survery will be sent and I will be courteous and fill it out! LOL

So I'm home, Sat I came home and slept, nothing like sleeping in your own bed to make everything in the world seem great! The xh is back in FL too! yeah, I hope he stays this time! but somehow I doubt it. So Sat was sleeping and movie with ds2, yesterday was football and hanging out with the boys and I did cook some dinner. I felt accomplished so....

Today, I've been up since 5, good god why can't I just sleep in for pete's sake. DS2 is on his way to school, work email has been checked and forwarded and answered and now I am here...what next...I'm restless already!

More pain meds and maybe some sleep!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Will be dark for a few days

Tomorrow morning bright and early I will be at the hospital to get this hernia repair surgery...I'm not ready! My house is trashed, my bills are not paid and well I've just finally made the last call to have the kids taken care of while I'm in the hospital in case I have to stay overnight.

I will be gone from here for a few days as I am going to take full advantage of the painkillers, my couch and the movies I've gathered to watch while recouping the next few days.

I am sad that I will not meet fellow WLS friends, whether they are from blogs I love to read or just people I have connected with throughout the east coast.....

So have a happy weekend all, the gorgeous fall weather is with us and I wish I were out doing fall things instead this weekend!