Saturday, October 11, 2008

Made it through the week

Albeit how short it was it was perfect for me to get back into my groove. By the time I left yesterday I was caught up. Organization is the key! thank god I'm organized when I want to be. I also got my 401K moved from my old companies account into the new one, so one less item to worry about, however it's losing money left and right and I cringe everytime I log in to see my

I'm officially down the 17lb of fluid the hospital put in me, thank god, I hate that bloated feeling you get when you leave there. The one incision is really bothering me, it's the one I believe he did all the work out of. It's purple, black and blue and well really, really nasty looking surrounding the incision. The actual incision is healing just fine though. Also, I noticed as of this past year I seem to bruise rather easily, but the actual bruises usually take up to a week to show up on me! Is that weird or what. As of Thursday night I have the bruises from where my IV was and where they drew blood on Sat morning. No wonder all summer when I got a bruise I couldn't remember where it came from, it probably happened a week before.

Today, I get my hair done, color and a cut. Both are much needed. Then the one boy and I are hanging out. Tomorrow I have plans, and that's all I'm writing about it right now.

It's going to be a beautiful weekend weather wise, hopefully where you live also! I'm going to enjoy it to the maxx!!

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