Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do you remember me..........

the one who became absent and then totally didn't blog now for over a month! That would be me, the girl who started this blog over 3 years ago and now has reduced her posting to FB!! gah!!

So here I am. Prodded by an email I received, but yes it was time to get back to my blog. Geez my summer flipflops are still my background and we have welcomed autumn into our lives here!

So where do I begin, who knows, so this may be scattered and fragmented....please bear with me.

In August, I went on vacation to the beach, ended up sick with strep and bronchitis. I was on meds for over two weeks and it took quite a while for recovery. I did heal only to find out that a position was never posted at work for a job I was hoping to apply for. They brought someone in the from the outside and well realistically my life has turned upside down. I was bitter and angry about this for a while, but I am moving past that now.

My boys have both celebrated another year of life this month! I am so proud of both of them and they are growing up to be fine young men.

My youngest has entered high school, he loves it! He loves his classes and all the new and old friends he has there!

I have met a new guy, he's a keeper, we are having a great time, and I enjoy being with him alot! We get to spend time together when we can because of our schedules, but they are quality time.

Have taken some other vacation time off also, days here and there, clearing out my house. I think I need to sell and move on at this point because its getting too much for me to handle the things that are going on with it. But then again, I am not sure I will be able to sell for a fair price, so I have been doing some homework on that.

Lastly, I have a UTI this week which comes with complications, so I am once again recovering. I have found that with the WLS and illness (other than common colds) I seem to be sicker than normal, not sure if it related, but I will say it has crossed my mind more than once this past year. I have broached this with the doctor and he is monitoring this so we'll see.....

with this I hope to be in here more often, it's Thursday almost the weekend and I can't wait till 5pm tomorrow! lol