Thursday, October 09, 2008

Back to work

So the mini vacation is quickly drawing to a close. Doc's at 12:30 and then work for the afternoon. In a way it's good, gives me a 1/2 day today and a full day tomorrow to fly under the radar at work and get caught up at my pace.

The healing is going remarkably well and of course the retail therapy I indulged in yesterday didn't hurt either. Got some really nice sweaters and a few shirts for work...sooo

I was hoping for shoes but couldn't find just the right pair! That search will continue...

So I have to get the kids ready and out the door and then relax for my last few hours.


Susy said...

So glad your doing well Michelle. Glad to read your on your way back to being great!


Susy said...

What kind of work do you do anyway? I read about wine and exercise but still don't think I know what you do? Hmm ??? mind me asking, hope not friend.???