Thursday, October 30, 2008

big day in Philly

The Phillies pulled it off last night. Freezing weather, a million pitcher changes and they came out the champs!! Yeah Phillies!

Me, I'm sick. I haven't felt right since Sunday. I have a nagging pain when I twist or turn a certain way. I'm sure it's hernia repair related but just in case a call into the doc today is warranted and some R&R for me. I have quite a few bills to pay, my truck being the biggest one. It's currently in the shop, since Tuesday, getting worked on. They called yesterday and told me all the other things wrong with it. OY I need it to run and run well so a few bucks here and in the long term hopefully it will last a few more years. Regular maintenance baby!

So back to me, yes this is a whiney, me post. I am having a really hard time eating anything solid. Mushies, soups, liquids all go in fine, but the bulk foods, YUCK!! I hope this is just a side effect because I miss food. But everytime I eat something with some substance I end up feeling like I'm going to barf and am tired. Almost like no matter what bulk foods I eat I'm dumping! This can't be good. Today, breakfast, protein shake. Geez for being almost 2 years out I feel like I'm about 2 weeks out! I probably need to just take it easy, listen to my body and well, suck it up and be still and lay around. Harder said than done for me!

The boy is getting ready for Halloween tomorrow, he's very excited and also because his class is going to Williamsburg in Feb. I went on this same school trip when I was in middle school, nostalgia at it's best. He couldn't believe it, "all those years ago, you went to Williamsburg?" he asked. I just felt like smacking

So today, laying around, no exercise, soft foods, hopefully something that will satisfy me. No chocolates and a call to the doc. How fun is that!! NOT!!! The good news, I'm down way down, maybe too much at this point. I'm almost where I was at my lowest weight. I was checking in on the OH Nov 06 board, all my friends are there and well I see quite a few weight gains, and I'm not talking about 5 or 10 lb...How could we let ourselves do this and then let it go?? I don't know. I know alot of therapy and a good NUT helped me through to a better me!

This weekend, we have alot to do, trick or treating tomorrow, work party Sat night, Eagles sun....what more can I say...BUSY!!

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