Monday, November 03, 2008

OMG It's Monday already....

Had a great weekend, absolutely great. Did tons of retail therapy Friday night and Sat. Got a new pant suit, shirt, lots of fun things at Victoria Secret and shoes....
OMG Steve maddens and I can't find a pic, but they are the bomb.

Wore my outfit Sat night w/shoes, was hot!! Yes, I thought I actually was hot for a change. Now that is definitely a switch from before. Had a great dinner at the party, chicken to die for and home cooking to boot, got to love them southern folk and there downhome cookin! LOL Ate a little bit of everything and had my first taste of pumpkin pie this year! YUM! Sunday we slept in. I slept till 9am. Oh god it felt so good! Came home got lots done with the boy and watched alot of football Sunday. Eagles pulled it off, Dallas lost, Giants won big and well....I'm just waiting to see where we end up my Eagles. My Bears are in 1st place in their division and I'm just one happy girl.

W and I are great, we had just an absolutely fantastic time together this weekend, I really like him, so down to earth....just what I've been looking for. He hit a big milestone in weightloss this weekend, down in the 200's for him that is great. I am so proud of him what he has accomplished and still yet to do. He's almost at his one year surgiversary!

Me, I'm maintaining. I bought junior clothes this weekend, 7's...good god! That's all I'm going to say about that!

DS2 got one of his christmas gifts early too, an electric guitar, amp and well he's just learning and like a sponge. Actually in two days he's getting the swing of things...

Life is busy, I'm happy and well I hardly remember to update! I want to share it all..right now thankfully it's all good. Hard to believe that only a little over a year ago I became a single girl! I'm definitely happy for my change and am loving life! The ex..well I have to say, unemployed, wandering through life and me I'm stable, and got my life on track. Living it fully to the extent and enjoying every minute of it, as it should be!

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Susy said...

what a great post! im happy you had such a great weekend. you desire smiles michelle! take care of you and well talk soon.

And wasn't last night great. Loved it. Go Obama! :) YES WE CAN!