Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The day after

Yes Obama is going to be our next president. Get over it already.. the vice president elect is a personal family weird is that!! I think it's very weird...anyhow....I'm into dots tonight and well I am loving my life. I am approaching my 2 years out mark. 2 years since I had my WLS that is quite a big thing to wrap my head around. Thanksgiving will come, with all the thanks, glory and praise, but truly to me Thanksgiving represents change, a new beginning or lease or live for me. I am so happy each and every day since I've had my surgery. It has allowed me to be "normal" per se. My head sometimes isn't always caught up like my body but for the most part it is. Lots of therapy, divorce, weight loss get the point and yes I'm a mess...A hot mess is what I like to think. I will have to post a new pic soon, with the man. The amazing man who has lost over 200 lbs. He's investigating PS at this point. I have put that on hold, probably forever. I dont' mind my body, a little flabby in the mid section, boobs are way down south, but hell....who at 44, has a smoking body like me? NO ONE!!! LOL I love it..anyhow we had his company party last Sat night. His boss is smitten with me, or so he says. I love that at 44 anyone is smitten with me! My guy is totally smitten with me, as I am with him. It's all good in my book.

So life goes on, we have new president. Some will like some won't. It's called life. Really was there a good choice here if you consider all parties involved and what experience they have! Anyhow, I'm not putting a damper on this on to something it is. Very self involved, with the two year surgiversary (god it's been forever since I've used that term) anywho....I'm a size 7 juniors yes 7 was a size 22 misses. Also, S in tops for the most part, boobs have suffered but what else isn't new with me. I love my life, I have vitality, stamina and most important the energy to maintain myself. I just could never do before what I do now, even on a bad yes this is a WLS post. Almost 2 years out....good god, how grateful am I??? you figure it out! LOL

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Susy said...

I can hear the smile in you words. And it does sound HAPPY!

I happy for you Michelle!