Friday, November 07, 2008

It's friday

Yeah, it has been a very, very long week for me. Work has had me in a loop plus a two day migraine...yikes. I finally feel a wee bit better today! And low and behold it's the weekend. Tonight my guy is coming up after work. I will have approx. 1 hour to straighten up my house because, NO I haven't done anything all week! Laaaazzzzeeeee!!! lol

I am in a mood to dress today too, not sure where that is coming from but ok I'll go with it! I have my new Steve Madden's to wear so I'm suspecting that might be it! :)

We had rain all week, today we get a little sun, tomorrow, ok right you guessed it, RAIN! I have had it with the rain!

Boys are good, youngest is choosing his high school, he's a little torn but will make the right decision I'm sure. He's getting ready to start his guitar lessons too.

Oh ex news, he'll be up around 12/15 to collect his crap out of my garage for the move back down....yes it's finally going to be permanent...Christmas had come early to me this year with this news!!

I believe I am finally able to try exercise again since it's been the required 4 weeks post op...will try again next week and see how that pans out...I want to but my body wasn't ready a few weeks back :(

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