Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Friday and where the heck did the week go!

It's been busy, home, work and everything in between. I hardly have had time to breathe. I owe some blogger awards, and I know just who I am going to give them to, but no time to do so.

Just a quick recap - Phillies 1-1 figures
Tonight - movies
tomorrow - costume party (boy) still need to buy it and out on a date
sunday - ravens game, somewhere wash, cleaning

I have been eating horribly, just lack of eating not really bad foods. I'm down my whole weight gain from the hospital as well as the bloat, that was the worst. Warily, I tried on my clothes from last year, that was always a challenge in the past, but low and behold they still fit, just right ;). Again my mind did not catch up with that little morsel that if you do not put on weight in the past year, of course your clothes are still going to fit, just fine!! duh

I am trying to concentrate on protein intake, at least if I am not eating enough I will still be getting what I need. I'm back at yoga, a week early, I had to, I just couldn't wait any longer. Bad move, well I guess time will tell, but I am doing it gently and carefully so not to hurt myself in the core! I need to reconfigure the core as it was coming along beautifully until the cuts made it all just flab again :(

I have a busy weekend, next week and all of November ahead of me. I need to set a pace so that I don't burn out mid month! I've never been so busy socially in my life and i'm loving it!

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