Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thank you Amber

For voting me a best blog....geez never thought that would happen...I'm just here boring everyone to tears with my life!!

I will nominate my seven tomorrow when I have more time! But I wanted to thank Amber for being there and being real! We are doing this together girl!!

Tonight is dday - ds2 is going to meet the guy. Yes it's soon, yes he lives downstate, yes I said I was never dating again, yes it's really happening and yes I really, truly think this time I have found a winner. Did I mention he had the gastric sleeve? Hmmmm, more in common and I didn't even know until our 2nd date! lol So here we are, me dating again. Good god, if I had my own nickle for everytime I said I was done, I'd be a damn rich millionaire and be well somewhere tropical with all my friends and loved ones right now celebrating!! Martinis' anyone??

So ds2 has a bowling rolloff tonight, already, yes he's that good. So we were going on a date but a few things got rearranged and he's coming up, we are going to cheer on ds to victory (I hope) and then go out afterwards up here instead. It's a long distance relationship, well 70 miles of long distance at least. So far it's working and we are both working on it, lots of texting!! LOL

More later and hopefully tonight a pic for me!!

So with that I leave it here for today, until tomorrow......

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