Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday musing

Ok I'm back, took off the weekend. Truly it was a blur and the well the stay at the hospital, less than stellar unlike last time :( I went in Friday morning bright and early everything was great, surgery completed, woke up (actually was awake and joking with nurses in recovery, a first for me) and then the ball started rolling down the hill. I ended up in recovery for 3 hours, no bed ready. Well I finally get in the bed at 1pm on Friday afternoon, it was still a jumble to get me in there, I was still in good spirits from my visit downstairs, but it quickly starting taking a slide downhill. I was settled in and then virtually left alone. I was the only one in my room, at the end of the hall the furthest away from everyone. Hooked up to every contraption imaginable and here I was drinking water and had to go to the many times do you have to call a nurse to get them to unhook you to go. Well at this point I'm ready to burst between IV fluids and such so I unhooked the compression boots and then they come walking in, you can't do that, oh yes I can because I'm not going to be sitting in my bladder explosion that was about to happen! So I'm free up and walking around, they never did come back and rehook up the compression boots, but oh well I was up and moving around so....then I find out I have to stay, I originally thought I wasn't BOO!!! Well then I found out I'm on gastric phase 1 diet, well I can handle that but I didn't know, while walking around the halls I also noticed that hardly anyone was on my floor, so WTF did it take forever to get me up there. Short staff and unorganization, that's what! Well I hear the survery will be sent and I will be courteous and fill it out! LOL

So I'm home, Sat I came home and slept, nothing like sleeping in your own bed to make everything in the world seem great! The xh is back in FL too! yeah, I hope he stays this time! but somehow I doubt it. So Sat was sleeping and movie with ds2, yesterday was football and hanging out with the boys and I did cook some dinner. I felt accomplished so....

Today, I've been up since 5, good god why can't I just sleep in for pete's sake. DS2 is on his way to school, work email has been checked and forwarded and answered and now I am here...what next...I'm restless already!

More pain meds and maybe some sleep!

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