Friday, December 29, 2006

Almost the new year

Alot of self reflection and promises are made this time of year. I will lose 5 lb, I will exercise, I will eat better. We've all heard them and resoluted a few now and again, but do you ever get anywhere really with them. Three weeks into January, you've had a piece of cake or you've missed the gym twice that week, you've picked up the bag of chips because there were only a few left. We've all been there done that. Not this year, no resolutions for me. I'm on my way to a healthier body and lifestyle eating so that's done.....just to continue my progress and enjoy the new year.

2006 was filled with alot of ups and downs in our family as usual. They best was watching my oldest son receive a varsity letter in football and him receiving his junior class ring. My youngest was winning the bowling championship for a second year in April. So time fleets us all, getting quicker and quicker with each passing year. The next year proves to be a doozy, I will have a senior in high school and a 7th grader. Where does the time go, I remember the day each of them were born!

Hope everyone enjoys the New Year and happiness, health and peace to all!


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