Tuesday, January 09, 2007

7 weeks out

I have new pics to post but haven't had the time to do anything about them yet. I know, lazy me. The oldest boy is fretting over weightlifting as his coach was let go shortly before christmas and no replacement has been hired yet. He'll just have to hang tough and hopefully something will break soon!

I'm officially 7 weeks out and 40 lb thinner, although I'm not loosing it in my midsection as quickly as I would like to, have to do more exercises to help out in that area I guess. The humdrum of winter has set in. How can I love the mountains and crisp air and hate the cold winter weather!! Ah maybe if I didn't work, it wouldn't matter! LOL

Speaking of work, I need to get myself organized, I have my big move coming soon and need to be 100% prepared. Of course that means training someone, but that is ok, it's a promotion now matter how you dice it up!!

Ok, enough of that for today. I really don't have tons to blog about so it's very random at best!


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