Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I almost didn't come over here today

I have a friend who needs a full time permanent job. I'm going to blog about this because it's been bothering me! Sorry. Well she's a good friend, well at least I hope she is. When she's single (well with the little one only) she's great, when she's attached, she ignores everyone. It's like a rite of her's which I totally do not understand at all, anyhow, she's working now for her bil, I really think her sister is the mastermind behind this whole adventure because there is nothing there for her to do most days. Ok so yesterday, absentmindedly I tell her I'm getting an assistant and immediately she's thinking oh pick me! Um no, I wasn't thinking that I wanted her to rejoice in the fact that I will have help and be able to do my job easier in the future. Of course the reasons I wouldn't want her here are simple. 1) she's out alot with the sick little guy 2) she's unreliable and I don't think she's right for "this" job (mud in my fact if it blows up)

Ok, so she's depressed (living with a manic depressant who's not divorced yet either) I just had to throw that in there. I'm evil I know! and she's all down on me because of course they won't want her. HELLO I don't want you here. I value my friendship with her more than a job with her. I just don't understand why people don't get that! I mean friendships made at work are one thing but you don't bring friends or relatives to work with you, it ultimately causes a problem. Anyhow, now she's not "speaking" with me again. HO HUM!! I think it's time to move on huh.....

So the question of the day is: Why do people always think others' owe them something? For whatever reason is out there I would love to know this.

On a brighter note, today I went to the doctor regarding the dizziness I have been having. Ok, we go through the whole, weight (nice loss), bp (90/60 no meds), temp (fine). He's states we are going to drop one of the bp meds and I will buy my own machine and monitor my progress at home. If I go up, I take 1/2 the other pill, if I stay the same, hurray for me. It's a step in the right direction as far as I'm concerned. One pill down, one more to go!! It's been a big lifesaver and I'm only 7 weeks out!

Well that's it for today, another rambling, bumbling mess, but it's my blog.


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