Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Friday again

The weeks seem to go by so fast. I have been having tremendous problems eating lunch this week. Everytime I start I'm hungry (or at least think so) I take two bites and I'm done. I feel if I put one more bite in my mouth it's going to come out, hurling in the air. So, I've been leaving the lunchroom and going out and walking the treadmill, coming back and finishing up at my desk. I don't know if it's right, wrong or indifferent but it's what's been going on. I also noticed that I've been low on protein on those days! Sheesh it's the one thing I really try to stay on top of.

Monday, I'm 8 weeks out, almost two whole months. I can't believe how quickly the time goes by afterward while I was waiting and waiting beforehand and it seemed to drag on by. I've not gotten used to my new tummy yet, although I don't have dumping episodes I have I'm too full, or I'm ravenous ones. It's quite an experiment with your mind and body that will probably continue for along time now. I need to figure out dinner, I'm in one of the those who cares moods. Right, I care, I don't want to be running out and get stuck in traffic or a long line. I really want to go to Soffritos' (My fav italian place) but I know three bites and I'll be over the whole thing! I would love to have some bruschetta and shrimp. Maybe Sunday!

Work has slowed down considerably, so I guess my boredom is spent here blogging instead of trying to find something to shove in my face, which would have been the case before. I really need to work on the mindless grazing that I've been experiencing at night too, I can sit and have a snack and drink. It's a bad, bad habit that I'm getting myself into, hopefully this weekend it will end as I will work to end it. I also want to get through my clothes and get rid of the big stuff that will never fit again this weekend, I have alot and I keep rifling through it but I need to declutter. I should find someone whom I can give it too, would make it more worthwhile then just throwing it all away!

I'm into 16's and some 14's now. 20's, 18's are a thing of the past! I can't believe I'm actually publishing that information. Six months ago I never would have written it! Embarrasing but now it's part of my life, my obese life and in order to heal I need to acknowledge it.

that's it for now, enjoy the weekend

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