Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday musings.

Not much new to report but I feel like I disregard this blog that was supposed to follow my journey through this weight loss.

I am officially 2 months post-op. I weighed in 41.5 lb less on that day and many, many overall inches down. I'm down 4 pants size and two shirt sizes since the start. It's a good move and I'm almost in the onederland of weight. I can't wait until I get there, it's a mere 3.5 lb away for me. I've been kicking up my treadmill to 4.0 which I believe is a 15 minute mile walking, I've kept the random setting with many hard hills. Today I plan on incorporating the stair stepper intomy exercise regimin also. One thing I did notice is that my weight loss slowed a bit from December 20 - January 20. I contributed that to the little nibbles here and there throughout the day that add the extra calories, so effective immediatley I cut all out. I do not pack them, therefore I have nothing to eat here at work. Easy enough. I am hoping my next months worth of weight surpasses this past month of 15 lb.

So I have decided to start a pro's and con's list to add to this...It's keep me

Weight is down to where I was pre-preganancy with ds2
I'm wearing size 14 pants....I don't know when the last time I could say that
Shirts are again L. Another great feat in my opinion
I have walked away from Lane Bryant forever for clothes shopping
I can somewhat shop in regular stores
I haven't had problems eating anything (of course this can be a con too)
My face looks younger
I get tons of compliments from people at work all the time

I have limited clothing in the size I am currently wearing
My tummy hasn't caught up to my legs in weight loss
I get bored sometimes with my eating plan (my own fault though)
I'm freezing all the time
I'm worried about my hair falling out
I didn't want to have plastic surgery, but the tummy looks like I am going to have a remaining pouch (YUCK!!)
I didn't lose as much weight this last month as I thought I should
too much snacking was the culprit

So there's my list.....not too shabby, everything on the con's is workable and I'm feeling a little better about it!

Oh here's an updated head shot from yesterday also. I actually don't mind this picture finally!

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and here is one from before surgery...not sure if you can see the difference or not!

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