Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quick recap and lots to do

so we decided to even add more to our weekend plans!! Like there isn't enough to already do on any given weekend without adding to our plates. LOL

Truck is still not working, yes another week by and the dealer had it again yesterday for the whole day, $600 worth of work and I pick it up and it won't start. Then the mechanic pulls it back in the shop and comes out a few min's later and says the PCM module is bad! I was fuming that is what the other mechanic said and when I asked them to fix it they poo poo'd me...I told them I am not paying another dime and I want my car fixed. They gave me a car for the weekend but I'm still stewing over this one!

The boy needs to pack up to go to his friends, he is being lazy

I need to pack my cold weather gear, yes football tomorrow! 38 and sunny in beautiful downtown Baltimore!! bbrrrr go

Last night we went to see Twilight, not bad, book definitely better....good teen flick! Had a headache from all the girls just chatting away during the whole movie...grrr

Today, I have wash and cleaning, not motivated as it beyond freezing!!

And, lastly, I missed my surgiversary. Sick, home with a terrible migraine. Moved me off Ativan and onto Topomax...I hope this helps...

Good news, two years out...weight is maintaining between 135 and 140....I am happy...healthy...ok so I get a few migraines and had a hernia operation recently. Blood levels are great, calcium, protein, A,D,E and K....everything is looking good! I need to schedule my two year appt....I got the bloodwork done and forgot to schedule the appt! Too busy

Work is crazy is good, busy....and I am thankful for my children, health and life I have now!

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