Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Car problems

Ok two weeks ago I have a pretty good overhaul to the truck...back in great shape, running great...and now bam. Won't start, sitting at work! GAH!!!

So hitched a ride home with co-worker, thank god they were working late!

Tomorrow truck, back in the shop...good lord when does it end.

Work is work...at least the last two days don't feel so draining as I was this time last week. Bad news is that we are working day after thanksgiving and fullday on Christmas eve...boo I had plans and was hoping to not have to do all that! So that puts a bit of a damper on my plans but at least I have time to adjust them.

I am quickly approaching my two year surgiversary...I'm starting to think of how my life has changed over these past two years. I know quite a few people way past me, alot under me surgerywise. It is such an exciting, scary journey. More to follow on this subject. The good news, one year since I've stopped losing. I'm still maintaining the 5 lb even with the 17lb gain from the hernia surgery, all that is lost and I'm recovering nicely. So with that I'm going to bed....I have alot of work to do tomorrow and i'm tired!

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