Monday, November 10, 2008

I expect too much

That is my problem, plain and simple. I have a very good friend who put me right in my place...she is a wonderful person in all ways and I love her to death for righting me once again!

so Monday is over, I'm a month out from this darn hernia surgery and let me tell you, just when I thought I was well...nope Relapse. Today is the first day I'm allowed to exercise again, did I? Nope, will I probably not at this point in the evening. I will have to get myself back on track though. I'm glad the restrictions are starting to lift and I can have mylife back again!

Monday's stink at work. Well everyday now seems to stink at work. The new mgmt is really showing their stripes and well I'm not always in agreement, but I like the job, the people so I suck it up for now and trudge through. I don't want to even remotely think about changing anything with the whole economy and the way the world is but some days.....grr At least the price of gas is under $2/gal today! I never thought I would see that day again!

So I'm off I have some things to productive so to speak....

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