Friday, November 28, 2008

Back to the grind

While most people either didn't go to bed last night or just simply got up at some ungodly hour this a.m. to start black friday shopping, me I was snuggled in my bed all comfy and cozy!! Why??? Do I hate black friday shopping, nah, I think in all my parenting years I went once, it was fun, but the real reason? I work today! I work every Black Friday as it is our busy season at work! So here I am the day after, I sampled (and I mean one bite here and there) some of the most wonderful foods yesterday. I even ventured for a bite of cheesecake YUMMY. I was satisfied beyond was all so good. I enjoyed the company of great family and friends too. We watched football, the blowouts that ensued was just incredible, all called except for my Eagles, who i think stunned the Cardinals all the way back to Arizona. It was a sweet victory, but shall I say quite a few weeks too late for any good to come of it!

I bowled with my youngest yesterday a.m. in the annual Turkey Bowling Tournament.while I just did so so he did incredible...220, 194 and a 243. At 14 I'd say he's quite on his way to being a very, very good bowler!!

My other son was home, he did disappear with gf and his father for some early morning mania known as Black Friday shopping, but he'll be home by noon and snoozing away when I get home from work later today!!

I have a wedding downstate tomorrow...maybe a christmas party with the guy, but we are falling apart so I'm not even sure he wants me to go anymore? Hmm I guess I'll have to find out today...

I did manage to put up the tree and the lights are on, a few outside decorations were put out yesterday but that is it so far!!

So I need to get busy, not that traffic will be heavy but I do need to be ontime!! Enjoy

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Marie said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Sounds like you had fun