Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let the weekend begin....

I wanted to get in here last night and post this, but instead I layed down on the bed for a short while and fell asleep until this am. I was beat!

So today, I'm packing...we are traveling to a wedding. Then afterwards I am traveling 1/2 way back to a party with my guy! Overall it's going to be a weekend of that a word?? LOL

I told my youngest yesterday, the doc has released me to FULL exercise he better figure out something to do at the Y we are starting back, easing into it if you may on Monday. I want to swim, I want to run, I want to life some sort of weight and get the flab that has developed in my midsection gone!! It's amazing how quickly it can revert back....I worked so hard on it all summer and then poof, 8 weeks of no exercise can do a body NO good!! And just how do I know I'm flabby...well let me tell you...I have gained not a lb...none!! but my pants at the waist...tight!! about devastating. I used to dread the change of seasons here when I was heavy. Pulling out the winter or summer clothing (especially the summer ones) and finding that everything doesn't fit. To tight, to small, to this or that! It is just humiliating. At least before my reasoning when we were moving into winter was that I could hide under sweat pants, sweatshirts, long jeans whatever...but summer. There is no hiding that flab!! One of the things I had promised myself prior to surgery was that when I got down to a good size I would maintain, work very hard to find the perfect balance. Well I had, and then the surgery, that darn hernia put a monkey wrench in all my plans. Of course the healing I thought would be much quicker and smoother than it actually was too! so full release and I'm back in the saddle. I know that I have to ease back in, this much I've learned!

So today, to find something to wear with my black wool pencil skirt! I can't wait, I have the perfect shoes but shirts is eluding me right at the moment. I need to check out the wardrobe once again. Then tonight, a quick change into a pant suit as this is much less formal than today. I have the perfect silver sweater tank shirt to wear with it to make it a little festive but not overboard!

Tomorrow is football, snuggling on the couch with my guy! all day just us!!

What a perfect weekend! I hope you enjoy your's as well!

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