Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life and almost 2 years out.......

Yes, I'm still dwelling on how I really want to write about this subject. I have very mixed emotions, raw and undealt with ones. I have so much I want to write but it's not coming together smoothly so....for now I'm dwelling on it. Pondering how I want to put it out there and explain what is going on.

I have been dating again. Just dating. Nothing spectacular but it's fun to go out on a date, dress up. But again, I can see this getting very old very fast with me. I like the solitary one guy, one girl scenario but evidently not many guys I've met lately are into that I guess truly :( I like though that someone will take me out and we do something

Boys are good, well the one i see on a regular basis is!! lol School is coming along fabulously. He and I are getting ready for our first thanksgiving alone...yes that was a shocker but we are going to do something fun that day we decided. Actually, I am looking forward to it alot. Unfortunately, work thinks we need to go in on friday now so I'm quite bummed about that.

As for the guy I have/had been seeing, well i don't know where that stands, so I guess it's over. We still talk but that is about all there is to it now. I almost wonder if he feels obliged to take me to the Ravens/Eagles game next weekend or if he just wants some arm-candy for his Christmas party at the end of the month..Oh well I really don't care right now about any of that.

So I am off to read some stuff, relax a bit and enjoy the rest of my weekend!

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