Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One week and counting

I have two more gifts to buy and I'm done. Tonight is dedicated to wrapping until I can't or it's done whichever comes first..lol After that I can relax and enjoy the rest of the season!!

I have three big food challenges coming up this weekend into Christmas. Saturday we are attending a holiday party, full of good foods and of course I'm sure lots of them will be bad, bad, bad for the WLS patient. I am hoping to get in a good, healthy snack before we go and then it will help curb the binge eating of carbs I tend to do, more so even lately. I really need to stop with the carbs, they wreak havoc on my digestive system and well to be quite frank they make me gassy, but does that stop me, nope!! Also, Hershey's has come out (well not exactly new but) with a cherry cordial kiss. OMG they are a little slice of heaven on earth, if I could only stop with one every now and again, but no I think I had about 10 yesterday through the day and night....good lord I need to step away from the sweets. Again this morning I did not get up and exercise. That is two days in a row and truthfully I'm exhausted but know this is absolutely no reason not to take care of me which is the priority!! My youngest ds is still home sick, poor baby is coughing and the meds are breaking up the congestion but it makes him sound worse than he probably actually is. He's home again on the couch today, hopefully he'll be able to make it back to school tomorrow. I hope he's well for the holidays but from what I've seen of the colds and bugs going around in our area, well it comes and goes and then comes back with a vengeance.

Today at least I got a roast in the crock pot, with all the hectic work at the holidays I've been a little more slack on planning out my dinner meals timely so we are either eating very late, or having something less than desirable on the spur. Not a good plan for any person, let alone a WLS patient. So if we can all make it through the next two weeks we can all get back on track and move forward. That's my plan!!

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Weigh to go..lets see said...

Hi Mcihelle, Thank you so much for writing...It was nice to know there are people out there who understand how hard it is going through something like this with a man. I have been reading your journal as well, catching up on where you are in your weight loss journey and that sort of thing and wow I hope I can do the same thing :) You sure done something right :) Well feel free to write anytime or you are welcome to my personal e-mail as well Premedjentn1@aol.com