Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm ready

for Christmas. All the gifts are purchased and wrapped and the cards were mailed earlier this week. I have the meal planned and purchased and I am ready. I think this is the first time in quite a few years that I can say this and I'm happy about it. Now I can just sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of the season. Work is still crazy busy and the drinkers are out in full force but it is good for

Tonight me and my honey are getting a tree for his house and setting it up, I'm very excited he included me in this part of his life. It really is special this year for me and him. We have a christmas party Sat at his sisters, Sunday we are having Christmas home with my dysfunctional family and then Christmas eve we work till noon and off to my father's to spend the evening with family and friends. I don't know exactly what we are doing on Christmas day but I'm sure it will be full of traveling here and there. I'm glad I'm done, I feel a big weight lifted off of me because of this, I actually am 100% looking forward to the whole holiday season, even though it's only two weeks left at this point.

The STBXH is actually being pretty decent now, hopefully this will last through the new

New Years Eve plans and made and a quiet night at home with the family and my man are in store for us, a peaceful and enjoyable evening will be had by all.

Now if I could just find a way to stop nibbling on all the yummy and high calorie and carb snacks that everyone is bringing or sending in here to work, I'd be a happy girl. Today I had one chocolate covered pretzel and turned my back on all the other sweets that were brought in. I really need to stop the snacking as it is what got me where I was in the first place. I brought with me dinner for tonight, so we will have a good dinner home cooked once I get up to his house tonight, hopefully that will curb the urge to have something "bad". Only two more days this week to get through and then the next week. I need to find the control I had before to get me through this holiday. At least the scale hasn't moved, but the pants feel tight in the waist and I feel it when I eat too many carbs....bad for me.

I did get in my weight exercises this a.m. I need to really get back on a regular schedule of exercising as this will eliminate my feelings of fat and water retention. I have been so tired staying up late and then trying to get up early and exercise that I've been opting to hit the snooze, well last night 9pm lights were out and I was fast asleep even though I wanted to stay up and watch the rest of Dream I did feel better this a.m. and glad I went to bed early. I even had my lunch and dinner packed and ready to go for this a.m. so one less thing to deal with. More fruits and veggies and less cookies and chips and pretzels is my mantra for the next two weeks. Let's see how well I can stick with it!!!

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