Monday, December 17, 2007

Getting ready for the big day

So the countdown is on, one week and counting till old St Nick comes to see all good little boys and I did manage to get a bunch of my christmas shopping done this weekend, which was excellent. Now I have to wrap it all :) I do still need to run out and get a few last things but it shouldn't take that long.

Spent a nice weekend with the kids but with my honey. We had a very nice time all weekend hanging out and doing things together. Sat was the funeral, it was a very emotional time for the family but it was a beautiful service. The rest of the time we didn't plan anything and just did things as they got done, not that we got everything we wanted to done, but it's ok as it was a nice time. The big nor'easter never materialized, we got heavy rain on Sat night and it was cleared out by midday Sunday. All in all the weather wasn't too terrible until those cold winds came in, now it's downright frigid and bitter, biting cold. brrrrrr

This week and the next will be the culmination of our busiest season of the year, I personally cannot wait until it's over and we move into the new year work wise...but not to rush things. Next Monday we work 1/2 day and then me, the kids and my honey will be spending the evening with my dad, his gf and her family for Christmas eve. NYE discussions came up, and since I do have to work again that day, plus both kids are with me since it's a Monday evening so we've opted for a nice quiet in with a nice dinner and just relaxing and maybe if we are lucky we'll be up to see the ball

I've been maintaining my weight lately, which I'm very happy with. I think I've found the happy medium of eating, exercise and my head...which is not an easy place to go to. Exercise has been good and I've been investing in more yoga tapes as they are my faves right now and make me feel the best.

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