Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Friday

Yeah is all I have to say....tonight will commence my Christmas shopping. I will get my guys stuff done tonight as he is working a gig and then tomorrow morning I'm rolling up there to spend the weekend with him. I can't believe how much I miss someone and when they call or email me I just smile like a lovesick puppy, sappy is what some call me. I am so happy!!

This weekend I hope we get rain and the nor'easter hangs out with the upper part of the NE I just want to get some stuff done here folks. I want to get all the presents bought and wrapped, my one small wish for myself to have accomplished before I sleep on Sunday.

My weight is dipping again, 2lb today, I'm not going to sweat it, I'm eating like a pig and the popcorn that showed up at work today I'm sure will be causing all kinds of wonderful gas and bloating later so...............

Kids are away this weekend and work is almost done, I feel my body relaxing into a place where I'm very comfortable and enjoying every minute of it. I actually would rather stay home by MYSELF than venture that's something new and exciting and I'm loving every minute of it....

Have a great one, everyone, be safe and keep celebrating the holidays. Tell someone Merry

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