Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day After

Is tiring, I can't believe I didn't save vacation time to have off today as I feel like the walking dead. We all had a great whirlwind of activity the last few days and everyone was happy and satisfied at the end of the day except the STBXh....he is a whole different story.

Christmas Eve was spent with my father and his gf and her family, it was a nice quiet ending to a hectic day with good food and company. Everyone disbanded early home and I was asleep by 10:30 which was nice, of course Christmas morning the youngest boy was up with the dawn, good god he's 13 stay in bed until at least 7 if possible!! So off to open gifts, with his brother grudginly awakening before his time....then the scattering of the children happened, the oldest went to his dad's for the day and evening, the youngest wanted to go over his dad's early to see what he got there, of course his father looked at it as I wanted him out so I could spend more time with my guy and his family, which was certainly it evolved into a big fight and of course I was really close to calling the cops again, even the boy said "dad c'mon let's go" and of course he doesn't listen so a big to do about nothing erupted as usual. Now is the time to finish filing for the divorce along with the restraining order and the visitation rights and what he can and cannot do (like just walk into my home uninvited).....

We were off to my guys house to spend time with his family, it was a nice low key day which was perfect. He got me a ton of really great I have definitely met a guy who has a big heart for such a short time knowing him. We had a great time overall and I'm glad the holidays are over, they are exhausting!!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and keep safe during the rest of this holiday season.

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