Friday, July 13, 2007

Quickie on the doc

So I went in this a.m. Did I ever mention I love my ortho surgeon, he's the best, has treated me fairly and made sure I received the utmost care through all of this knee crap. I actually was about to embark on my WLS venture when the knee thingy came up and stopped me dead in my tracks a few years back. Ok so anyhow, he came in the room, said excuse me and walked out, then rattled a few papers in the hallway and came back in all red and embarrassed. He thought he went in the wrong room, he said I was "unrecognizable". As flattered as I was I still couldn't wrap my brain around that! Oh he's such a nice guy....well the long story short is I have bursitis in my calf muscle...He gave me a quickie cortizone shot in the muscle (can you say OWIE) and then I walked up and down the hall a bit and he sent me on my way. I should be good as new in a few days. All I could think is that I'm not screwed, I can continue with my exercise routine and god bless him. I know the fear that this would end my wls venture was reeling in my head heavily. Why? Who the hell knows, maybe GOD himself and maybe no one at all, but that is the mentality I am still having regarding being put in situations like this. Is it wrong? Is it right? No one knows, but I've been saved again! THANK GOD

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