Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All I can say

is I'm starting over today. I had a great/emotional/horrible therapy session last night. After my thinking period and what we spoke of last night she felt like I had some breakthroughs. So we will work on these, one at a time per my request, and see where this takes us. I hate being miserable, bitchy and moody.

Today is a nice rainy day, man did we need it. My little flowers are curling at the leaves it was so dry out there. Today we have a nice steady, slow rain. It's beautiful the way mother nature rejuvenates itself when in desperate need. Unfortunately the boys are supposed to go swimming so we'll see if it clears up in time for them to go.

Thinking about taking off or 1/2 day on Friday. I am pretty sure we are all heading down to the shore again this weekend. I'm really starting to enjoy these long weekends and relaxing with book in hand at the shore line. I've also heard gf's are going to be down at the beach this weekend too this weekend, so it should be fun.

I took a day off yesterday from exercise, it felt good. I am pushing it way too much lately. Is there such a thing as pushing exercise too much? Anyhow, I didn't do any. Today, right back at it. It's nice to want to do exercise.

Tonight we go see Uncle B, he leaves in the a.m. to go back to Montana. Tomorrow J comes home from Greece, I can't wait to see her.

I'm mulling over a few things and life is beautiful.

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