Friday, May 04, 2007

Fridays and craziness

Ok so today is the end of a crazy week at work, I'm tired and thrilled to death that we are here finally! All the bosses have been out of town all week, I'm busier than normal this week ordering and everyone and their problems crawled out of the wordwork! Needless to say it came to a boiling head this morning with my supposed bff. So I told her I was staying in this weekend but today got an email from a friend that Omnisoul is playing at a local club, what a great band to go see....well I ask her if she wants to go and she says she's broke, too tired, yada yada yada...crap! The other group is going to MD to see another band and I know I can't sway them...double crap!! So then she writes back to me, your other friends can go with you! I ask her WTF does this mean!! I know they say people change but since my surgery I haven't spent any time with her. I keep asking and asking and she keeps pushing me away. I've asked her to go shopping, cup of coffee, hang out at the house...nothing works!! I'm starting to feel that this surgery has impaired our freindship for life, why?? I have no flippin idea but it aggravates the heck out of me to think just because I've lost some weight she doesn't want to hang with me anymore??!!! I've heard it happens but never ever in a million years thought it would happen to me! So I'm disgusted and quite frankly I'm going tonight, with even another friend and I'll chalk it up to her loss and my gain.

Have a wonderful weekend



Dagny said...

You do not describe your friend but is she overweight? Even just somewhat? Perhaps she used you to feel better about herself. Now your presence and the positive changes in you might make her feel badly about herself for what she feels she can't achieve. She feels competitive with you.

I hate to play armchair therapist because people do it to me all the time but could your friend's behavior be for reasons like this perhaps?

Michelle said...

Dagny - She has been overweight but more of a yoyo than myself. Currently she is smaller than she was. I think her problem is insecurity...of course I have that fat person personality, all bubbly and outgoing and she is definitely not that person!!