Thursday, May 03, 2007

Out of sorts

This whole week I've been feeling very out of sorts. It's really hard to describe other than I am full of energy when I wake up, do my workout, go to work, and by mid afternoon I'm dragging, then after dinner and my walk I'm ready for bed. Now this is like at 9pm. I never used to go to bed prior to 11-11:30. I hate it, I wake up in the middle of the night because I'm rested and I get up or sometime resist to see if it helps. I'm a train wreck for no better way to put it. I haven't really changed my workouts, exercise patterns or activities during the day, so I'm puzzled. Other than that things are great. I have no plans for this weekend, which I believe is a blessing in disguise. I've been so busy the past few and the next few that this down time will be nice! I might get some stamping done for Mother's Day cards I want to make!

I'm making some strides in my weight loss that has/had plateau'd. Ok, yes I cheated and peeked at the scale early! Back to the basics, it is really helping. The hair loss that I had been experiencing seems to be slowing down some, and the new growth is really coming in strong, but curly! From having straight, baby fine hair for years this is really a new thing to me. It doesn't want to lay right, etc. A struggle to style in the work a.m. for sure!!

DS1 had his senior portraits done yesterday, it was a very grown up day for him I believe. The best part that came out of conversation about it last night, was he said Mom when I play the senior game in football this fall and you walk out there with me, the people won't believe your my mom because you've lost weight and look great! Tears were in my eyes and I felt like a million bucks. You don't hear compliments from teenage boys like that much at all. Little did he know that when I saw those mothers out there last year, all I could think of is when I have this surgery I won't embarrass my son when I walk out there next year!!

The weekend is coming, spring is here and I'm so glad.


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