Monday, April 30, 2007


Find myself so tired from the weekends and the glorious weather and trying to cram as much possible into my life before I'm stuck inside at work all week. Today is no exception. I can not get over the amount of exercise I got in yesterday. First I did my stretching and weights at home, then we walked 2 miles, then off to the grocery store for fixins for chicken and steak fajitas then after an early dinner I was off again for another walk around the neighborhood. When I got back ds1 was out playing basketball and asked if I'd join him for a bit, well I didn't even hesitate, I jumped right in, of course I only last about 25-30 minutes but I was sweaty and definitely got my workout in on that one. Of course other things transpired throughout the day, but it was go, go, go all day long!! Saturday I took advantage of the nice but cooler weather and did a 5 miles hike around one of our downtown parks, it was a beautiful day with the fountains running and all the flowering trees at their finest so I also got some photo time in!! I have missed that. The most amazing thing to me is I wasn't even wiped out from all the activity and the best thing is I'm only 2 lb from hitting the 160's...wahoo.

Have a great Monday everyone, I'm feeling very powerful today!


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