Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have you ever.........

had a co-worker that just drove you crazy beyond belief. Yep, that's me living in that hell right now. I have this new assistant who is supposed to assist me, well he's ok for entering things in the computer and it seems to end there. What can I say, I remind him over and over again of things that need to be done and then I hear from the suppliers or whatnot that it's not done. When I was out of the office for a few days a couple of weeks back I wondered if he kept up on the daily reports or anything, well it appears not. I know he does enough good work but his quality of work is just not there. I really don't know what to do about it, I repeat the things over and over but there has to come a time that you need to "just get it" or get the f out of here. He seems more interested in smoozing with others and advancing himself here instead of doing the job he was hired for. What can I say this is a bit of a bitch session for me. What else isn't

At home, ds2 did miserably on his last report card, and he wonders why he's grounded. Um, hello you were out sick, you had a folder of makeup work to do and you didn't do it. I know I had asked him quite a few times about it but there was always it's been taken care of response. Now how is this my fault!! GAH

I felt good today giving away the 14's to a coworker, she's happy too, now she has a bag and 1/2 to go through and hopefully she will like something in there. I can't believe I'm in 10's and 12's. Never in a million years would I have thought this would be possible in only 5 months. I hope that I remember to take the monthly picture this month. I have forgotten this past one, I can't believe it, but also I was at a huge stall, so maybe that's where my head was.

I still have more summer clothes to sort through and give away, maybe this weekend I will start unloading them out of the closet, my poor closet right now consists of a few items I wear and lots of hangers. My drawers are virtually ghost towns and to think I gave away scads of clothes and still have more to go, now I know why we were always broke!! Too much shopping, like there is a such an animal.

This Friday is our first salsa dancing lesson. I know a few weeks back I was very stoked about this whole adventure and I still am, I just can't believe it's here. Hopefully I will do good and not fall on my ass and embarass myself. I love to dance, just sometimes I have no coordination for it.

I think that's it for the moment. Thanks for letting me rant and now I feel better


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