Thursday, April 12, 2007


Is all I can say....after being stuck int he 180's for what I felt like forever the scale has now moved into the 170's....yipppeeeee

The mini vacation was nice, well spent time off with the family enjoying things. Unfortunately for us the weather did not cooperate and was cool, cloudy and cold....gah

We did spend some quality time up at my dad's though and that was great, it's always good to see him, he's just puttering along and things are doing nicely for him and his girl..

Not much else to report except that the gf who is a jerk, refer to an earlier post went back to her idiot bf and then had the nerve to call me names. Ok, if she wants to live her life with a drug induced alcoholic that is her problem. I can't be around to always save her ass and I don't know if she really knows this or not, but she will soon enough.

I'm not going to make this a bitchy post, I promised myself I wouldn'
ciao for now

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