Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vacation time

I have been very busy at work this past week and my weight loss has shown the stress. Happily I maintained during this time, but man what difference a few months make. I'm still down 70lb since surgery so I'm very, very pleased.

I'm taking a few days off to spend time with the kiddies and take them on some day trips. It should be lots of fun. The weather although is a different story around here. It was 70 on Monday and now I believe if I'm lucky I would think it's about 40 with 20-30 mph winds gusting to 50mph....Winter revisited..

There was actually a snow squall out there this morning, frightening to think since it is APRIL after all...hello!! One groundhog got that whole thing wrong this year in my humble opinion.

So I will see you all after I get back.


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