Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm getting there......

it's amazing to me that in this short period of time I am almost at my goal for weight loss. Everyday when I look in the mirror I'm still amazed at the person looking back at me. I'm going to take dance lessons now, the first thing on my list when I got thinner to do.. I have a laundry list of items I would love to do now that I'm am physically and mostly mentally ready to do them.

I am still working out my arms with the weights every morning because I want the batwings to start to go away. It's the only thing besides my inner thighs that is truly driving me crazy right now!! Summer is right around the corner and I'm not ready!! I want, no need to buy a new bathing suit and soon, it's crazy! The other night me and D went to the store to pickup a few things, well I stopped at the capris (since I've given all mine away) and pulled out a 12 and 14 to try on, well the 12's were too big in the waist but ok in the I got a 10 and tried them on, they fit!! OMG was I so stinking shocked. I can't believe it, so much so I bought them, it truly was a small victory for me!! Everyone at work says I'm skinny, I'm not at least I don't think so yet, but I am working on it. I have a pouch in my abdomen area, of course the fold above my belly doesn't help any either, and the inner thigh thingy along with the batwings are going on. If I could simply erase them I'd be perfectly happy! Easier said than done right!! So, I tried on my sandals the other night, the ones I'm going to wear for salsa lessons, they felt ok, so we'll see how I feel after an hour on them...that should be interesting.

Dad called last night, what are youup to he says, then he asks what are you down to....I've shocked him with the number and he tells me, you've made the right decision to get rid of this weight at your age, I feel very warm and fuzzy from this. My dad and me, we have the best relationship, too bad my mom and me don't, well not in the same way at least. So we are going over to dad's for Easter dinner, I'm excited as I have no where to be the next morning and we can truly enjoy the day!

So now the weekend is here, I'm so glad and it's going to be a great spring weekend here!

ciao for now

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