Friday, April 13, 2007


Yeah it's Friday, for a short week it's been long for me! I'm down to 177.5 this a.m. That is so freakin fantastic I can't believe it!!

This weekend, I'm on a mission for some new work clothes, maybe a few slacks and shirts. I'm definitely out of the 14's maybe 12's or even 10's will be the new size!! I'm so torked it's amazing. My new tattoo....oh did I forget to write that!! silly me, is all healed. Here's a picture, I designed it myself. Love the butterflies symbolizing my new life:

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This weekend is going to be busy and fly by quickly I am sure. Tomorrow we head off to Baltimore to go to the Aquarium and see the Australia exhibit, I'm very excited to be doing this and then Sunday I'm on my shopping mission. I have staked out a couple of the outlet's and goodwill's and will be browsing through the mdse there to see what catches my fancy. Hopefully lots of stuff!!

Work is work, enough said about that subject.

DS1 is home on his spring break until Monday, then we are all back in the program. DS2 has a urinary tract infection, poor guy!! Me, I'm good, just suffering through the allergy season like the trooper I am!!

have a great weekend all!


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