Monday, March 26, 2007

Mondays, stalls and more bs

So here we are on Monday again, or shall I say the worst day of the work week. Of course this is leading up to the busiest Monday I'll have here at work. I'm on a stall, this one lasting at least two weeks right now. It's frustrating, down right disheartening and overall BLAH!!! I can't stand stalls. That is one thing that I will never get used to with this plan. I'm firmly sitting at 184, TTOM came roaring it's ugly head on Friday and enough said on that. I've noticed in the past few months that the coincidence of TTOM and the week before and after leave me stalled. The pot of gold to this situation is that next week I should show a significant weight loss. Still I have yet to take 4 month pictures nor have I done my measurements feeling like the bloated pig that I feel like.

The weekend was beautiful, it sure does amood and a person right to see some sun, warmer temps and the hope that all is not lost and winter is finally leaving. GOODBYE and we'll see you next year. It's funny that I say this because every year when fall comes knocking on the door I'm so excited to see the warmer days and cooler nights, the leaves changing and all the things that are associated with fall, but winter! well gah I hate it. It seems to me that after Christmas, which is coincidently only three days after the beginning of winter I'm over it and ready to move on! Terrible but that is how it is. So we have changed the clocks back to daylight savings and I'm out walking nights again. I forget how wonderful that feels even if it is still a bit chilly.

The bs, well the gf moved back with the idiot bf. I know it's not my life, but I am the one who she calls when things fall apart. He's a bipolar drunk....enough said about that issue. It's her life and I hope to god she doesn't get hurt, mentally or physically by this jerk off.

So today went by quick. Of course if it were 5:00 pm already I'd be happier but suffice to say we are close enough....hopefully tomorrow I will have new pics and new measurements and be happy as a lark.


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