Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring showers make...........

for alot better day today than last week at this time. Today it's 61 with rain showers last week at this time the rain was changing to ice that would drive us out of work early and cripple our little state!! I'm glad it's raining, that's all I have to say on that one.

I did not watch AI this week, I think for this season at least I'm over it. I don't like the top 12, thought overall they really just didn't have the talent that we've seen in the past few seasons, so I'm over it.

I need to watch Survivor, thank god for On Demand from comcast. They changed the night this week to Wed due to March Madness, I already watch another show at that time on that night, so I need to watch it soon. It was really weird with no survivor last night :(

I'm having horrible cramps and a terrible period, I'm sure that you all really needed to hear that right!

I'm very disappointed in my gf, the one who hooked up with the alcoholic, bipolar dude who is not divorced!! So, she recently left him after he wanted to go on a three day bender, now mind you this is the same guy who just two weeks earlier went on a three day bender. What do I mean about three day benders, well it's just drink, drink, sleep, no nothing else, he doesn't remember anything that happens in that time period so basically he's a worthless nobody to anyone...and ya wonder why his soon to be ex wife left him...HELLOOOO!!!! I think we all know why. Well that disappointment comes from the fact that she couldn't find anything better to do with her life yesterday, so she spent the night there. She justifies it as we are dating...well yeah but he's a loser and you left him, so WHY THE FUCK are you over there!! I'm beyond disappointment at this point, I'm just plain ole sick and tired of her insecurities and selfishness....can't she see that this guy is no good for her or her 6 year old son...what would his father think of this whole situation..oh right I have to shut my big fucking mouth about the whole thing because he can't know. If you have to keep that many secrets and cut yourself off from everyone and everything it has to be no good!! BLINDERS it's all I can say.

The flowers are starting to bud and bloom out there, so that helps lighten the mood a tad...

It's FRIDAY!! so that in itself is a major mood lightener.

Work has been boring this week....that is a crazy thing but true....

ok so I'm out, everyone enjoy the weekend!


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