Tuesday, March 20, 2007

End of Winter blahs............... :)~~

Why is it everyone gets the end of winter blahs. You know that time when you want it to be spring so bad and have warm sun shining on your face instead you wake up to 30 degree weather and windchill!! Where I am, it's horrible. It is affecting peoples personalities and everything. It's like a full moon landed and has turned the world into something ungodly from one of those b-rated movies that no one wants to watch but does. I know I have been feeling them for the last week or so, ever since we had that little sneak of sun, warmth and spring. The temps turned bad at the end of the last week, ice storm and blah!! I'm so tired of looking out the windows and seeing gray instead of green grass and leaves on trees and blue sky with a big ball of sunshine just calling me to come out and bask in it.

I have been in a bad funk, I don't know what it is and to be quite honest I can't seem to shake it right now. Every little thing is ticking me off, I want to run home and hide in the covers and sleep and not come out until summer.

On a brighter note, if there is one here, today is my four month surgiversary. The numbers are in today and I'm down 62.5 lb since surgery. It's amazing the transformation that my body is going through. I'm solidly wearing 14's albeit they are a bit loose at the end of the day but the 12's are too tight still. It's the agonizing time of being in between sizes that drives me batty. I'm tired of the winter clothes and trying to mix and match the same 20 things to make a new outfit!! lol I forgot to measure and take pictures this a.m. so I am noticing that as time draws on I'm losing my "newness" of the surgery. For the past three days I've been the bottomless pit, I'm sure it has alot to do with TTOM but seriously folks it needs to end!!

I have a new flirt in my life, I just wish I could get serious about this whole thing, but alas I can't. I'm stuck in a doomed marriage and I can't seem to get the umph to get out of it. Of course it doesn't help since he's a PIA about the whole thing, I mean cmon we don't even share the same likes and things anymore....it's a sad state of affairs. I wish he would just be done with it and take his stuff and go, but of course I know that is not going to happen. Maybe I need to disappear. YEAH RIGHT!!

Anyhow this could go on for days, weeks, months and years but the way I feel now, I'm rambling and it's all just blah, blah blah....so I'm out


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