Monday, March 19, 2007

Hopefully spring is around the corner

Friday turned into the day from h*ll on the way home, with ice and snow. Of course we had rain earlier in the day so it prohibited the road crews from laying down the pre-treatment and it was horrific on the way home. A simple 15-20 minute trip took me an hour. Thank goodness it stopped overnight and then we had one of two bowling sessions cancelled on sat morning. Ds2 took the second one that night in a very relaxed and fun atmosphere scoring his highest series without handicap to date, 496. Sunday was bowling again, did I tell you I'm sick of bowling right now, alas three more weeks and it's over!!

Sat I did treat myself to a new color and cut, I like the color but am not jazzed about the cut right now, too many short bangs, well at least they will grow in!!

Up to the 40's today and near 50 tomorrow, hopefully the end of the week we will be back in the 70's and stay there for a long hot summer


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