Monday, December 18, 2006

Bad Day on Sunday

I had a great weekend until about 6pm on Sunday evening. We had gotten some King Crab legs steamed and brought home from the grocery, they were delicious and about 5 min after eating I got searing pains in my stomach and a few hours later lost it all. D also got sick, but his was in another form (sorry TMI) needless to say it put a damper on the end of our weekend.

Saturday was fruitful as far as Christmas shopping goes, I had gotten all but one item on my list, which was great for me. I figured between the crowds and the late date that I would not get nearly any of the items. Soundly Sunday morning I scanned the ads and low and behold the last item was there on sale. Zipped over to the store and got the last one. It feels good to have gifts for my kids. Now the extended and immediate family and I'm done.

This a.m. I weighed in for my first monthly weigh in. Proud to say that I am down 29lb for the month since surgery. What a great accomplishment. I will post pics later. Also, the inches are melting away. What a great thing this is.....Singing and dancing around.

All in all a great weekend


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