Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Days

It seems that this WLS has been a blessing in disguise for me. I've not had any of the "side effects" that alot of people who do not follow the program get!! But I won't say there aren't times that I've filled up to the brim, uncomfortable is the only word that can describe that and patience on my part to let it digest and pass through without adding extra liquids down there to overfill! I sleep soundly every night (used to snore), I have no knee pain (have had a partial knee replacement), have more energy, need to exercise more (hopefully that will come). But overall I'd say yeah!! Yesterday I'm down 25lb. so that is a huge milestone for me.

Am wearing clothing I'm digging out of my closet, need to go through and see what else fits as I have not enough time in the a.m. to do this properly and still be on time for work.

The sad news, Christmas is all decorated at the house but not one present has been purchased yet, hopefully this weekend, cripes I only have two more and then I'm out of luck!! Kids have been keeping me busy on the weekends so it's no wonder I don't have time.

No griping, have a great day!


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