Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The countdown is on.....

For all of us out there that have not been counting we are looming ever so closely in on the Christmas holiday. HA thought I was telling you something you didn't know. wrong!! I still have not had the motivation to go out and get the last few gifts. I will probably, actually most likely be one of those crazy people out there this Sat. Sigh.....then that actually leaves little time to wrap anything. I'm just totally not motivated this year like I thought I may be.

If you happen to read my blog, please leave a comment....I'm sure this goes unread for the most part, which is fine.....but just was wondering.


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Turtle_gurl said...

Sometimes I feel like I am bloggin in the wind... but it makes me feel better. I gave a girl from the gym my blog address and now I know she reads it because she is bored at work... I am reading your blog!